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  1. THE DC

    Here is the Essex Class Starship Designed by Diego Cortes

    Has anyone built the Essex Class Starship, designed by Diego Cortes? I was wondering if anyone had a build guide or was there a build thread made of this kit? I am not certain about some of the connections [such as 15/16; 15/13] [curling 12] [best shaping of main hull 1 & 2]. Thanks!
  2. THE DC

    Orion Interceptor from the Star Trek Enterprise????

    Does anyone know if an Orion Interceptor from the Star Trek Enterprise series was ever designed? Or any Orion craft? I haven't been able to find any. Thanks!
  3. THE DC

    Where do I find a price guide for rare models?

    Where do I find a price guide for rare models? I have a Polar Lights C-57D saucer from Forbidden Planet. Its unbuilt and all parts appear in the bags. Its big, 1/72 scale, about 30" in diameter. It has a clear dome to permit either painting it opaque or leaving the interior visible (it has a...
  4. THE DC

    Tilting At Windmills; With or without the smock...

    Triva (trivial?) background: I remember seeing the old windmills on Long Island, NY. They were grand old artifacts of a time gone by, oft neglected by a society too enamored with electrical motivation to appreciate the value of ambient energy sources (Funny how times change and old ideas...
  5. THE DC

    U.S.S. Enterprise studio model visit

    Okay, so thanks for all the birthday greetings earlier this month. I wasn't able t reply quickly became a little lass fun-napped me to DC for a get-a-way. While there I dropped by the Smithsonian & took a gander at the recently restored Star Trek studio model. I thought about you folks and...
  6. THE DC

    Small but nice fishing boat...

    Hey, after a bunch of broken threads I found this nice little kit at a working site; so I wanted to share in case someone else had hunted it and given up!!! Enjoy:
  7. THE DC

    A Question about the Klingon D-10 from FASA...

    Several years ago, I recall seeing a site where someone was posting simple paper models of FASA ships, mostly alien. I recall there being a Klingon D-7, an Orion Lightning and Wanderer, and a few Starfleet ships. I haven't seen the web site since 2010 and have recently been searching for it with...
  8. THE DC

    Star Trek movie paper model prop kits?

    Does anyone know of any paper models of the movie props, such as either the TMP or STII, or STIII-IV tricorders, phasers, or communicators? I found an old Obi-wan site but found them a bit hard to sooth out. Are there any out there that I have missed?
  9. THE DC

    Whither Matt Jeffries shuttle?

    Has anyone seen a model of the original Matt Jeffries shuttle design for Star Trek, that was rejected due to cost by the studio? They went with the more affordable Galileo seen in the first season, built by AMT models. I thought for sure that I had seen someone make one, but I can't find it. I...
  10. THE DC

    Copy-write piracy

    Due to lack of experience and powerful enough equipment, I'm not able to design my own kits yet, but I was thinking about another way that I can give back. I called and spoke to a senior manager at eBay about all of the piracy of kits, especially by ***** and similar thieves, and have been...
  11. THE DC

    MAc and the case of the Elder Fonts...

    I have several sets of the old Star Trek series and Movie fonts from back in Microsoft 98. Any way I can translate them to work in my MAC, System 10.6? A font is a terrible thing to waste... ...especially for one wanting to customize Trek models!!!!
  12. THE DC

    Is this a pirate site?

    Is this a pirate site? I was hunting the web tonight, trying to find a ST III / VI tricorder [with no luck :curse:] when I stumbled across what may be a pirate site: (PIRATED SITE REMOVED) I seem to recognize several kits from good designers I value. If this is a pirate site, who should I...
  13. THE DC

    Best of both worlds?

    Does anyone have any experience with, or suggestions regarding a WWI or early 1920's flying boat paper model that had pretty decent detail? I also have an interest in a float plane, so your experience with these kits, as to detail, build, and such would be much appreciated. Much thanks...
  14. THE DC

    Korean Turtle Ship - by How Paper Cafe

    Here's another I found; an amazing ship recently featured on the History Channel: Korean Turtle Ship - by How Paper Cafe Enjoy and send thanks to the designer... The DC
  15. THE DC

    Sweet find: Roman Galley Paper Model - by Kallboys.De - Galera Romana

    Here's one I stumbled accross: Roman Galley Paper Model - by Kallboys.De - Galera Romana Share, enjoy, and send thanks to the designer... The DC
  16. THE DC

    Sextant anyone?

    Does anyone know of any models of a workable sextant? Thanks! The DC
  17. THE DC

    Firetruck for free!

    And its red! Who'a guessed! Again, from the clever Canon folk: Can you believe that? With an articulating ladder and at the best price you can ask for! The DC :cool:
  18. THE DC

    New Canon church kit!

    Check this out: I can see this as is...or maybe with a bit of goth, cthulianess? :p The DC
  19. THE DC

    Paragon, Perry, & Ninjatoes...a beautiful friendship~

    Shout out to both Paragon, Perry, & Ninjatoes! Gentlemen all! :goldcup: For those who have not discovered Ninjatoes awesome contribution to Star Trek Card Modeling; Ninjatoes did a generous and excellent job of designing and offering for free, several...
  20. THE DC

    Heads Up Kittyhawk dreamers!

    Canon release the "Wright" kit: Enjoy! :wave: The DC