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    Space x crew launch video

    See this link:!/pages/insights/post_details/?page_id=100773208282606&post_feed_object_id=S%3A_I100773208282606%3A134915224868404&post_id=134915224868404
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    Who wants to meet for the Launch?

    Who wants to meet at Ron Jon's Surf Shop in coca Saturday mid-day, (or the McDonald's in Titusville)? I am going to the launch and would love to see some of you folks there if you can make it. I'll be the tall hippie with long blonde! Go Doug and Bob, (Go Get That Flag!!!)!!!
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    Chariot Design / Build (Ultimate R.V.)

    Waiting on the website to publish Jupiter 2 and Launch complex. Now I offer You My next project cover sheet, (See attached ping - not good resolution, (not posting PDFs here)). The drafting is done on this model. I'll be publishing painted parts previews - build pictures asap. I'm gonna...
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    My Easter eggs are ready to deliver!

    I made up 2 dozen of these for the office staff. Come complete with toilet paper. LoL Stay safe
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    Surfdukes Moonport

    You wanted it, (I hope,(LoL))! You got it! My daughter, son, and nephew, have banded together to resurrect the Moonport in a new and improved way! All are computer geeks and market whizzes. They also are stuck at home so this is something that they can group think on. All the old stuff will be...
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    B9 Robot

    SURFDUKE2001 submitted a new resource: B9 Robot - Danger Will Robinson Read more about this resource...
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    Thank You!

    I just wanted to say that since my return to the model community You folks have been the so kind and generous. The outpouring of help has been priceless. I know I left the hobby with several projects unfinished. For that I'm very sorry. Life and death got in the way. I want you all to know I am...
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    HI FOLKS! It's The Duke!

    I'm back after many trials and tribulations. Unwashed and slightly dazed. I'm not taking baby steps either. If You get a chance look at my Jupiter 2 Beta. Building to test fit it now and more to come soon. Hope the lord has blessed You all and that times will be better for everyone on this big...
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    My Jupiter 2 is almost ready to fly!

    Is anyone interested in a peak at the preliminary/beta work? Duke Out!
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    I need a car design for a friend

    66 Chevelle SS Black on Black factory standard, (Man shift) The Duke
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    Looking for a Host?

    Does anyone want to host my models? I have been working and lurking. The Duke