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  1. ganeshsingh158

    Uhu02 has completed a new model

    For everyone's information, I peeked in at Uhu02's website yesterday and it seems he has completed and released his cutaway model of the Gotengo (from the movie Atragon, among others). It is a beautiful model. Anyone interested should rush on over and grab a copy. This is unauthorized posting...
  2. ganeshsingh158

    2.5d RPG Miniatures

    Hello all, Just noticed Eddnic at Fantasy Paper Miniatures has added some new figures to his site. Head over to to check them out. :)
  3. ganeshsingh158

    Thrust Polar Borer (The Last Dinosaur)

    Hi everyone! I just stumbled across this model on Papermau's site : The Thrust Polar Borer from the 70s film The Last Dinosaur. Anyone else here old enough to remember that TV classic starring Richard Boone? ;)