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    No longer moderating

    Hi all, Just wanted you to know that I will no longer be acting as a moderator here. The timing seems right for me as I realize this next year I won't be able to devote the time to reading all posts like I did as a mod. I do plan to remain a member here, however, and post...
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    Scrap yard

    I'm posting these pics here so I can link them to another thread and avoid sidetracking the other thread's theme. :) This is a scrap yard with a "imagineered" car shredder turning piles of junk autos into pieces to load into gons. Some day I'll upgrade the crane and loader which were...
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    No cats ON the layout...

    ...but occasionally one pops out from underneath! :) Maggie likes sitting on some step benches I made that are covered with carpeting. I use them to access the back of the layout and my ceiling lights. They're stored under the layout skirting where she's poking her head out. Ralph
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    I'm gonna ride the Empire Builder

    Hi all, I've been counting down the days to this trip! My wife has a conference in Portland Oregon starting next Saturday. I'm going along so we can be tourists together when she isn't working. She's flying but I'm getting there by train! She jokingly says that her gift to me is to not...
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    May 10th is National Train Day!

    Today is National Train Day, an AMTRAK promotional event marking the anniversary of the Golden Spike in Promontory Summit in Utah but mainly intended to promote travel by train.. There are events taking place in various larger AMTRAK stations across the country. About | National Train Day...
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    A silly idea that's working for me

    I built most of my layout before becoming a member of the Gauge and benefiting from the inspirational photos and the vast experience here. So, I've been gradually going back and making improvements over time. Sometimes I have a little trouble focusing on where to work on the 12 X 20 foot...
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    Photo Fun 4-18-08

    Really?! no Photo Fun thread for this week yet? Let's remedy that! I finally got around to painting that cabinet my TV is sitting on so it matches the control stand that operates my layout. I put a mock up of an F unit instrument panel in front of it to mask where the cable for my mini...
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    Any one have photos of PC passenger cars?

    The Penn Central had several schemes for their passenger cars but the Tyco passenger cars I've had since I was a kid are not reflective of a prototypic example. I've been doing a lot of...
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    Mini cam in a "See" Liner

    I received a mini videocam for Christmas and have installed it in the chassis of an old AHM dummy C Liner. I have two shells for it. One I painted as PC loco although I couldn't find any info on NYC or Pennsey C Liners surviving the merger. Here's the PC camera cab with the hole drilled out...
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    What's in a name? TRAINS mag editorial.

    Any one seen the editorial at the beginning of the February TRAINS magazine? The writer wonders how BNSF and CSX might fare if they had names that meant something instead of initials. The editorial includes an artist's rendition of a BNSF loco with the name "Great Western" as an example...
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    Gift for myself..The Raiload Press

    I was browsing the magazine racks for stocking stuffers today and noticed the latest issue of The Railroad Press has a great illustrated article about rail car ferries, carfloats, and tugs. Terrific pictures for anyone interested in including such a feature on their layout! As usual, there...
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    Rod Stewart's layout

    I figured some one would post about this, but since not yet, I might as well be the first. I happened to see the latest issue of Model Railroader at the library that feaures a beautiful large HO layout created by Rod Stewart... yes, THAT Rod Stewart, the musician. It has amazing city scenes...
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    How many RailAmerica lines can we post pics of?

    RailAmerica is a collection of some 41 shortlines and regional roads in the USA and Canada. RailAmerica ::: About Us I saw my first one (The Otter Tail Valley RR) in Fergus Falls , MN the other weekend while visiting friends. I'm guessing several members of The Gauge live near some of...
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    Peabody's Improbable History!

    Are you old enough to remember Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman who would travel back in time using the "WayBack" machine to help make historic events happen as they were supposed to? The short stories always ended with a terrible pun! (Ex. "You mean you've never heard of Chicken catch a...
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    Find the RR that matches your personality!

    My wife found this fun quiz. Answer a few quick questions to discover which railroad you are most like! Click on the button that says"On to the trains and railroads quiz" Roll Models Inc.: Miniature train and railroad equipment for your club, backyard, or park. Ralph
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    A new look for the KP&W

    The Kings Port & Western Railroad hs made a change in its paint scheme for box cars as evidenced by this 50 footer recently observed at West Mill. The orange and black seem more eye catching than the former light blue with washed out orange lettering. :) The NY state outline helps convey its...
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    Well intentioned railroad gifts

    Anyone ever received a railroad related gift from a friend, spouse, in-law or some one else who obvioulsy had good intentions and knew you were into trains? Maybe it was someting you wouldn't have bought yourself or it was the wrong road, wrong scale, or just wildly wrong! :) We accept...
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    A little inspiration for grain elevator modelers

    I liked the looks of this grain elevator in Red Wing, MN. Its just begging to be modeled! Ralph
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    Bad timing in Red Wing

    When I went down to Red Wing, MN last Saturday for a day of train watching I figured I wouldn't get to see Amtrak's Empire Builder stop there at 9 AM because I was a little slow getting out of the house. When I arrived at the station, however, I encountered a bunch of people with suitcases...
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    An accident changes an industry

    I've had this scratchbuilt bulk commodaties industry on my layout for years. It was supposed to represent an company that off loaded gravel, aggregates, and coal from river barges to be transfered to rail cars. It looked like this with a tug pushing a barge full of gravel up to the loading...