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  1. Gandolf50

    James from Texas

    Heh! Your right next door! Next time the "Breeze" comes through ( about 2 minutes) I'll send you a welcome card... Welcome to Zealot!!! as always, if you got questions or need help!!! Just ask!
  2. Gandolf50

    Hope everyones ok

    Howdy...Like I said on here...I am so far "off the grid" I barely knew how bad it was out there, till I heard the Governer was going to speak...and tell everyone to stay home. Be safe!!!
  3. Gandolf50

    Czech Air Force models 1/50

    That Aero is really well done!!
  4. Gandolf50

    The New Guy from New York

    Hello New York!!! Glad you made it...I think you will enjoy this community...Just a Bunch of great Guys and Gals that love modeling in all aspects of the hobby!!! Any time you have a question, Just ask!! There will always be someone that can give you help or ideas!
  5. Gandolf50

    What's keeping you busy?

    That is a beauty! being a cabinet maker, I also got into instrument making and playing...Started off with making Dulcimers...and progressed up to the last being a Hurdey Gurdy, I just love the sound! I have a Beautiful Violin that was passed down to me by my Gran Ma, that was from her...
  6. Gandolf50

    Dr Tetrode's Valkyrie build.

    I had to do it for several build threads and I did it a bit differently than @Rhaven Blaack 's way... and that was to just edit the post > and delete the references to the attachments ( PIX) upload the new Pix and then..set cursor in the location pix should be and then add as thumb or full...
  7. Gandolf50

    What's keeping you busy?

    That Viking Ship is a beauty! Really nice on the texture details! As far as what's UP? Modeling, Modeling, etc, etc... With tons of people working at home now, there has just been a flood, pouring in! For myself, and perchance a new model ( I say that as it usually turns out that I never have...
  8. Gandolf50

    3rd time's a charm

    Howdy! and Glad you made it!!
  9. Gandolf50

    Star Wars B-Wing(Blade-Wing)

    Superb! :Bravo: :Bravo: :Bravo: If you have time would you please explain for all the Heat and stretch Method... my question is, " how you get the mold"?
  10. Gandolf50


    New Mexico Governor Just made the announcement of "Stay at Home Order", and the closing of all Non-Essential Businesses. Actually sounds absolutely right on target, stay away and stop the spread! Albuquerque Empty Streets there was a timelapse of driving down the major roads and they were...
  11. Gandolf50


    Here its like Business as usual, of course, schools and Universities are closed to only Online Classes. Went down for groceries the other day and it looked like any other day, once I looked a bit more I could see ALL the Bottled water was gone, no surprises there ( glad I have my own well )...
  12. Gandolf50

    My Jupiter 2 is almost ready to fly!

    Upper Dome...Layout and set of Plans for Jupiter 2 and Equipment...Check out HERE and Just in case you need more stuff to about the proposed Launch Cradle??? On side Note...I always "Sandwich" my windows inside a double layer ( duplicate the window ) and cut the clear stuff...
  13. Gandolf50

    Moved, almost got my building area set up...

    It sounds like a fact when I moved to this place 23 years stuff was put in the smallest room in the house 10x14, of course, the women got HUGE rooms 20x25 etc.. Working 12-hour shifts, and everything else, I never unpacked till I retired (medical) back in 2012... But on the...
  14. Gandolf50

    Not full renders..but best place to add this..

    I don't even know all I have been working on over ( acccckkk) the past year...but here are some things... Digital Human Project...yes they will even bitch about your socks on the floor! still need some work.... Turned out better then progress looked like it was gonna... all are realtime...
  15. Gandolf50

    Star Wars B-Wing(Blade-Wing)

  16. Gandolf50

    Spaceagent-9 2017 build pic threads

    Gonna depend on what software you are using... Something like Krita (FREE) will use layers and you could have one part in place import the other as a new layer and set the transparency so you can see through it...move it into place and reset the transparency... ala windows aligned!
  17. Gandolf50

    Launch when ready!

    I LIKE it!!
  18. Gandolf50

    Update on my wife Deb

    I also add all my best wishes and prayers to you and your wife. I had to live through this as well, twice and understand what you two are going through!
  19. Gandolf50

    Boeing 757-200, Hekla Aurora worklog

    He has a Youtube channel as well as Facebook... Several are featured on Canon Creative