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    my on30 Scratchbuilding105' truss bridge

    very nice, scratch built :thumb: but i want a shay in my layout :twisted:
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    The Medieval City (ABC)

    Fantastic!!! beautiful and amazing like it!!!!!!!
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    Iron Dinosaur Baldwin 108

    Iron Dinosaur that was use in Sugar Mill in the province of Negros , Philippines. This was restored and made into a showcase Cheers
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    How do you clean your track?

    thanks,,,i'll try this:thumb:
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    Sugar Cane train in 1920 Haiti

    nice job,, we had this golden era trains which we call iron dinosaurs which were owned by sugar mills,,, up to now some survives and restored,,,,,
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    Disney Experience Mark Twain Riverboat

    thanks ill:twisted: check this out
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    Sea - Land Express Maersk Sealand Line 1/400

    i like to have one toooo....:wave::wave::wave:
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    1/144 wwII airfield buildings

    great!!! helps a lot looking for airport diorama,,thanks for sharing
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    Signs for your layout

    i copied all your layout signs,,, great thanks
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    How do you clean your track?

    I bought a track cleaning car from Hornby but there was no instruction what to attached to the skid. I haven't use this car eversince I also bought this rubber like eraser from Hornby,,,,, what I used to clean the tracks was soaking cotton buds with de-natured alcohol ,,,,,,,wipe immediately...
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    3d plan of PRRnortheastcorridor in HO

    Great 3D plan hope to make such HO/OO layout....
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    NewBee From Philippines

    Hi guys i'm from philippines and interested in model railroad HO and OO scale... most of my model trains are Hornby... i look forward to contribute and learn from this ,,,,,,,,:thumb: