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  1. DJPinter

    USS Enterprise refit 1_700

    Thanks for the link.
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    Look what popped up on my Spazbook page.
  3. DJPinter

    Not exactly card stock, but cool nonetheless

    They show studio plans at 1:13
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    Don’t know who made it. I just saw it in Facebook and had a modelgasm. Plastic spruce and paper parts everywhere. It was a mess.
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    Not sure if this goes here, but it’s AWESOME!!
  6. DJPinter

    Zealot Theme

    The new site is great! Did you know you can change the theme? Look on the bottom for either UI.X or iO. Tap that button to change how the site looks.
  7. DJPinter

    Free Sci-Fi paper models

    I was thinking more of the auto-numbering script. The Banana PC jr has a lot of parts.
  8. DJPinter

    Free Sci-Fi paper models

    Has anyone tried his Rhino scripts? Rhinoceros 3d Scripts for Paper Modelers
  9. DJPinter

    Free Sci-Fi paper models

    Cool! Thanks!
  10. DJPinter

    Banana PC jr. 6000 - Alpha Build

    While working from home the other day I noticed the back shell was watching me. “I know, I know. I’ll get back to you soon.” It seemed to say, “Great. When?” “Soon, I promise. I’ve redesigned your light kit so it looks like a CRT m, I’ve got a new soldering iron, one of those alligator clip...
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    Spazbook says this link is dead. Do you have the files?
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    How’s the patterns coming along?
  13. DJPinter

    Maintenance robots 'Dewey', 'Huey'and 'Louie' designed by UHU02

    Nice! Although I would have made a Triad deck.
  14. DJPinter

    This will help with the diabetes

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    Did it?
  16. DJPinter

    Company Makes Cardboard Tanks And Planes For Cats For World Domination’s come to this.
  17. DJPinter

    Nell from Battle Beyond the Stars

    Aren’t you the editor?
  18. DJPinter

    Nell from Battle Beyond the Stars

    I was thinking more of milk forming.
  19. DJPinter

    The new IXS Enterprise card model

    You should put your response in a new post and pin it.