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  1. The_Hawk

    Creating a few Tom Swift Jr. crafts - 3D first paper second

    I have started creating a few 3D obj files from the Tom Swift Jr. books. Once done I will try to convert them over to paper models If you would like to download my OBJ files they are here @ Please feel free to review, comment etc. Maybe even get a...
  2. The_Hawk

    Ever have one of those days ? (NAS Hard drive auto reformatted)

    I had been running a Western Digital 4TB My Cloud drive on the home network for the last 10+ months noo issues. Then some of the external mounted drives to the NAS keep dropping just this last few last weeks. So just did a soft reboot to the system an wonder of wonders it reformat all of it 4TB...
  3. The_Hawk

    Looking for Streamliners

    Quick question has anyone seen a site offering streamliners? I have been checking around the web and come up empty. Thanks For reading!:mrgreen:
  4. The_Hawk

    Greetings from “The_Hawk”

    Hello to you all I am a long time lurker first time poster here at your site. I have been in plastic and resin modeling for over 20 years now I have just add paper modeling in the last five years or so after finding that it covered many subject I could not find anywhere else (at least not...
  5. The_Hawk

    Any one Know where Ranger-1 from Galaxy Rangers model might be?

    Hello All, I am a long time lurker first time poster here. I love the work done here and was hoping you could help me out. I am looking for a link or site where I could find “Ranger-1” from the Galaxy Rangers. At the very least thanks for looking and hello!