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  1. Maverick65

    Jays B5 Station Build

    Greeting's All :wave: After watching some B5 on video, I got the urge to build a B5 model. Was gonna build a ship but then decided to give Jay's Babylon 5 Station a go. Armed with only a couple of pics and a schematic I got busy cutting, folding and gluing. After a couple of hours I got...
  2. Maverick65

    Jaybat model request

    Greetings fellow modellers, :wave...
  3. Maverick65

    Greetings from Central Ohio

    :wave: Hello all. I'm new to the paper model scene. Been building plastic kits off and on for years. But thought I'd try my hand at paper modeling after viewing some of the interesting ones on the web so thought I my get some advice by joining the forums. Have tried my hand on a couple of simple...