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    Ambitious for a first scratch, I think.

    Actually, in MR many years ago, there was a blurb on a bridge built in HO scale using spaghetti, it was surprisingly sturdy. Looking forward to your progress.
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    Scratchbuilding is dead, I guess

    I was thinkin' to myself, I says, "Self, scratchbuilding/kitbashing is dead, you gots to shtop dat...dem Xacto blades is dangerous or sumpin'..." Oh yeah...the traffic lights are scratchbuilt too... I really lost interest in most of those magazines for that very reason...
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    Athearn Short out!

    I would cut narrow strips of masking tape and fit them to the frame between the trucks, then run it w/ and w/o the shell on...this would show if it is frame related or if it comes from something compressed inside the shell. I own one and have been looking it over to see if there is any other...
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    Athearn Short out!

    They have metal framed trucks. Yours is coming in contact with the frame as it approaches a particular spot on the grade/curve. Look for a spot on the frame near where the corners of the trucks are that looks like some arcing has happened. If not obvious, swivel and pitch the trucks slowly...
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    Amish Barn Raising

    Excellent.:thumb: I knew of one maker some years back who offered the distinctive coaches the Amish use but memory escapes me as to who.
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    Lionel Freedom Train 1976

    It is an O scale Lionel set, a new one on me and, at around $600 a set, that's quite a find.
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    Lionel Freedom Train 1976

    Welcome:thumb: I'm fairly certain that Lionel only put out the Freedom Train in HO scale back then. It was offered with the 4-8-4 GS-4 pulling it. The one they have in O27 is actually a fairly new release and has the Alco PA1 pulling it.
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    The old 32 to 40 foot wood and steel reefers

    Can you believe these were Life-Like's idea to commemorate 9/11... ...part of a four car set, the other two being 40' boxcars.
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    Rivarossi Cab Forward Spares

    These guys purchased the remainder of the Rivarossi parts line, they would be the only ones outside of Ebay and a chance find that would have the parts you need. >>> UPDATE: Now that I look into it, the link has been cloned, but Golf Manor Hobbies in...
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    Locomotive aesthetics

    :thumb:An N&W Y6b, massive ugly that's just too cool, any shay because of their monkey motions and GG1s because of their "State of the Art Deco" look. Amtrak's GE P42DCs:cry:...just what were they thinking---or---when Congress streamlines a locomotive, it looks like it's still in the box.
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    Oldies but Goodies. The Old Stuff.

    It's a crystallization of the zinc metal used in earlier Marklin, Lionel, Varney, Rivarossi and others. It's sometimes called zinc pest or zinc mites>>> When you collect old school trains, the sight of it can stop your heart as there is no cure.
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    Oldies but Goodies. The Old Stuff.

    Nice old school stuff there, Gus:thumb::thumb::thumb: That caboose looks like an old Silver Streak kit. Life Like went on to crank out many of those two bay hoppers after Varney gave up the ghost.
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    Oldies but Goodies. The Old Stuff.

    How 'bout a Walther's Impact Test Car...
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    Weekly Photo Fun 2-20/2-26

    Too much weathering...lemme burn some eye sockets out with some Tyco Canadiana...:mrgreen::thumb:
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    Oldies but Goodies. The Old Stuff.

    Alas...they were glued shut with no hope of undoing it...:cry:
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    Oldies but Goodies. The Old Stuff.

    Here's an old Ambroid's B&M Russel Plow that I was given...
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    Oldies but Goodies. The Old Stuff.

    Ahhhh...Strombecker wood and paper kits...I was given several of those that I plan to refurbish and run in regular consists...
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    New gas station

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    Athearn Handrails

    Boy, I can tell I've been out of the mainstream loop in the hobby awhile...Athearn makes plastic handrails? OoooOOoooo, shudder....:eek:
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    Calling all Thomas the Tank Engine modellers!

    Oh noooooo...there's ribbet counters on the Isle of Sodor....:mrgreen: