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    DCC questions

    Walt: The answer is likely No. The switch closure can't send a DCC coded signal to the locomotive without knowing the locomotive's address. You can't hard-code the address because then only the one engine would respond, but even if you could, how would you tell the engine what to do once you got...
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    Cheap O Scale Boards

    I buy coffee stirrers, 250 to a pack, at the grocery store to make O scale boards for wood bulldings. They're cheap, made of poplar, and take stain very nicely. They are tougher to cut than basswood or yellow pine but they look great. They scale out to 1x8s. Joe
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    RC-DCC with Battery Op

    RC-DCC in GP-9 I've installed RC-DCC in a Red Caboose GP-9 with a 1000 mAh LiPO. Worked great. You can read all about it here: Joe
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    RC-DCC with Battery Op

    Anybody here doing radio control DCC with battery power? I'm using components from Tam Valley Depot to run O scale steam on a LiPO battery and QSI Titan-U decoder. Would like to hear from anyone else doing similar.
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    Halo Fan

    Hi, I'm the publisher of O Scale Trains Magazine but I'm also a huge HALO fan. My wife and I play nearly everyday. I found this forum looking for a model of a Pelican. I want to build a Pelican in styrene or brass using the skills I've learned in model railroading. In O scale we have to make a...
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    Staining and Weathering Stripwood

    The same company that makes India ink makes inks in various colors which you can dilute with alcohol to make stains. I also dilute MinWax stains with thinner.
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    Detail Drawings of Locomotives

    Dimensioned drawings I'm a fan of the Norfolk & Western Rwy. You can find plans at the N&W Historical Society Archives online (