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  1. piginapoke

    Imperial Lambda-class T-4a shuttle TYDIRIUM

    Excellent. WIth varying levels of rework, it could serve as a template for the other shuttle types (eta, theta, rho etc)
  2. piginapoke

    Death Star prototype

    Amazing model.
  3. piginapoke

    Disappearing models (Motorcycle)

    On a related note, i found a similar situation with free skyscraper models on a forum in skyscrapercity website. I'm slowly starting to gather them together to host on a suitable storage site.
  4. piginapoke

    hey from uk

    Welcome from the west midlands. PM me about anything star wars
  5. piginapoke

    Tie Raptor

  6. piginapoke

    Tie Bomber design and building thread

    Reverse the wings and with a bit of modification of the bomb housing you've got a Tie Shuttle.
  7. piginapoke

    Dalek papercraft

    Looks great. Nice one.
  8. piginapoke

    Dryden Vos yacht from Han Solo Stories

    Amazing! Well done!
  9. piginapoke

    Tie fighter by mijob

    Great idea to create a generic concept for building different Ties. I was thinking of doing the same thing, i just had to decide which model to use as the template.
  10. piginapoke

    Videogame Horizon papercraft

    Thank you.
  11. piginapoke

    Tie Phantom Design Thread

    Amazing model!
  12. piginapoke

    Rogue one Tie Striker design thread

    I love the Tie variants and this one looks excellent. Following with great interest.
  13. piginapoke

    Resource Radiant 7

    Fantastic model. Many thanks for making it available
  14. piginapoke

    Copying model parts from PDF

    Not sure if it is bundled with Windows 7 but theres a handy tool called Snipping Tool which I use at work to select any part of whatever is on screen. I then dump it into Paint and manipulate it there. Simple and very effective.
  15. piginapoke

    Another Hello from Germany :)

    Welcome. Nice models. Papercraft Paradise is a good one too but I reckon youve found that one already.
  16. piginapoke

    Hi all new builder here

    Welcome to the forum
  17. piginapoke

    Hi from Germany

    Welcome. There is a fantastic toytown papercraft selection on the Canon website. Ive built a ferris wheel easily enough and theres loads of buildings and vehicles to make. Heres the link.
  18. piginapoke

    English Manual / English Guide to Kartonmodell-Forum

    I appreciate the advice but ive downloaded far larger size pdfs of all sorts of documents before without problems. No worries though, I Will download on PC later.
  19. piginapoke

    English Manual / English Guide to Kartonmodell-Forum

    Im not sure if its because im trying to download it on my smartphone but it cant load it. It starts up acrobat reader but cant load it. Will try on PC later.
  20. piginapoke

    Playstation day! :-)

    Its great thanks. Very quiet. The power and eject buttons are very subtle. Graphics are great. Battlefield is great playing online. Killzone looks good but I wasnt too impressed but didnt play for long. Outlast was very spooky and scary in places. Front end looks a lot like PS3 and controller...