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  1. wulf111

    Comic Book/Magazine backer board.

    i was recently in in a comic book shop looking around when i came across the backer board storage section. i was wondering if anyone has tried using backer board in their models. this card was very still and i thought it would make great bulkhead material as well as work for some larger models...
  2. wulf111

    Flip an Unfolded Part in Pepakura? SOLVED!

    in Pepakura go to the top menu and choose other, under that choose Mirror Inversion (Both 3D and 2D) . that should fix your problem.
  3. wulf111

    Lander from "Interstellar"

    "Indeed, but look at the diagram. What trouble would it have been to link the Command Module (the red module at 9 o'clock) with the Core Docking Hub? More access, more strength." the design was meant to look like a clock that the complete reasoning for them using this configuration.
  4. wulf111

    Glowforge or Silhouette Cutter?

    i have a Cameo as well and use it quite a bit. it makes cutting work easy and you can just cut to the assembly mode. the software is a little wonky to use at first but easy to get used to.
  5. wulf111

    Central Ohio checking in

    hello from central ohio, you are truly a talented sculptor. you pieces are stunning.
  6. wulf111

    SA-43 Hammerhead Fighter

    depends on the model. i can usually do a page or so in 5 minutes i can usually go through a model in an hour or two depending on the number of parts per page. the SDF-1 Macross i did was 20 pages and over 400 parts took me about 4 days to trace all the cut lines. i sucked it at first but i kept...
  7. wulf111

    SA-43 Hammerhead Fighter

    i am using the 2x size Gundam Unicorn model from i extracted the PDF pages to separate image files with PDFill using the max (600 DPI) resolution. but any model saved as an image file will work.
  8. wulf111

    SA-43 Hammerhead Fighter

    once I have the image file loaded into Silhouette Studio click on the "draw polygon" icon (picture 1). i then zoom in on the part i want to trace and click on the points i want to draw line (picture 2) one part is completely traced i zoom in even further (picture 3) and refine the points to...
  9. wulf111

    SA-43 Hammerhead Fighter

    @Gandolf50... decent looking Hammerhead model. i would like to offer to help i do well with 3D models in 3DSMax but i cant texture worth a darn. @all ... i have had my Cameo for a couple of years now and have used it a lot. usually takes me about 5-10 minutes to set up a page to cut. and using...
  10. wulf111

    Derelict (Alien)

    i agree the blue in my opinion is the better of the two.
  11. wulf111

    Betty /Alien Resurrection

    WOW amazing work
  12. wulf111

    new Macross SDF-1 model kit

    no, i didn't use the original sheets, i scanned them and printed them off so encase i made a mistake i could just print off a new sheet.
  13. wulf111

    new Macross SDF-1 model kit

    here is the cover and the amazon link it can also be found on ebay. sdf-1 book&qid=1454098059&ref_=sr_1_fkmr1_1&s=books&sr=1-1-fkmr1
  14. wulf111

    new Macross SDF-1 model kit

    over the holidays i stumbled on a new book from Japan on amazon and i thought i would take a chance and pick it up. boy i was not disappointed. not only did the book have great reference shots of the Macross in all her glory it also included a 1/2400 scale paper model kit. (yaaa hoo my first...
  15. wulf111

    Jan Rukr's Astro-Racers (an independent's entry!)

    now that's funny. seriously though this is a great idea i am so doing some of these i have several ideas already. my only problem is i cant create textures i can do 3D just fine but when it comes to the 2D apps.... so anyone interested in teaming up?
  16. wulf111


    *groan* you should be PUN-ished for that really bad one. LMAO
  17. wulf111

    Another Betty

    already have most of these, but there are a few new ones i dont have YAY i think i am going to do the Thunderbolt, i have always loved the design of it. i will probably upscale it a little bit to make it a bit easier on the hands. will start it soon and do a build thread to go along with it...
  18. wulf111

    Another Betty

    thanks for the ideas, but i think i want to do something different than the normal stuff around here maybe a large scale Gundam or something from Babylon 5 (Star Fury or Thunderbolt?)
  19. wulf111

    Another Betty

    Now for the hard part, What do I build next? any ideas?
  20. wulf111

    Another Betty

    OK so you wanted more pictures so here they are. @Vger1981 - Yes there are some differences in the hydraulics, one I couldn't get the bottom ones on because i had already glued the wing/engines on i will be going back and putting those on when i can ,and the top set are not quite right i set the...