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    Eagle Transporter Space 1999

    Can anyone please please design kits of the "Spine Booster" and "Lab Module" as seen one this website? 12" Spine Booster
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    Looking for a Chinese Junk Ship model

    The HowPaper site is Korean. The Paper "Junk" shown in Gippolot's post is actually a Korean warship used during the Japanese invasion of 1492. You can see the shields lining the bulwarks. The diagrams of the Junk posted above are actually of a Vietnamese river boat. Minor differences in stem...
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    The Medieval City (ABC)

    As far as prices in Europe, don't forget the dreaded EC VAT. 17.5%, last time I checked. Or does that not apply to card models?
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    Saab J 35 Draken by Fly Model (1:33)

    Beautiful model of a cool plane. Can't believe the real one was designed in the '50's!
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    What is it ??? (Korean Sundial)

    Correct, its a sundial. Specifically, a sundial made during the reign of King Sejong the Great of Korea (Chosun Dynasty) sometime in the mid to late 1400's AD. King Sejong's reign was known for its enlightened science and technological innovations intended to help the common people, the most...
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    Aru Build thread

    Ahh, Mokpo. Nice little harbor town. The freshest sashimi you can get, eaten steaming fresh right off the fish while it's still flopping around! Anyway, try this site for plastic hobby kits & parts. They're based in Seoul, but can ship anywhere in the country. The owner is a friend, so if you...
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    Aru Build thread

    Mark, where in South Korea do you live? If its anywhere in the Seoul Metro area, I can point you towards a few hobby & crafts shops.
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    Fokker E-V - totally naked!

    Looks like a brass photo-etch kit I once saw in Japan.
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    Prague Castle from Betexa

    Rainy day project? Looks more like a darn MONSOON project to me!
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    Ahh, my bad!
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    Don't you mean a Hummel? If I recall, the Wespe was a tank destroyer with an 88mm gun, along with the Nashorn, mounted on a Panzer Mk.4 chassis. The Sd.Kfz.165 Hummel was a self propelled 105mm howitzer. If so, Model Card made one (NR 43). I've only seen a pirated scan, but the overal quality...