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    Proteus II (modernized RT era Landraider) by Patoroch

    @Sudsy Nicely done man and most of all finished before ending the year now some questions what did you use for the painting? and why it doesn't look bad when painting?
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    Proteus II (modernized RT era Landraider) by Patoroch

    @Sudsy nice updates but the photos where uploaded in reverse i'm seeing the final part rather than the beginning but above all that nice work and nice painting. only have one question is there a way to avoid to certain parts to bend when you put glue on them? take for example the 3 photo on the...
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    Proteus II (modernized RT era Landraider) by Patoroch

    Glad to see you back sudsy, hope we see more of your models more often. i stopped doing papercraft too (stupid depression and other bad stuff) i wanted to continue doing my papercrafts. but when you lack not having the proper tools to do other good stuff (like that puncher, the roller and some...
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    Hi guys here's my fourth model done took me a lot to do it (specially the armor plates and legs) this model came with its own base and decided to magnetize his left arm im planning in drop a video about it later so hope you like it Additional Info Paper Used: Opaline cardboard Paper Size: A4...
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    Orks_Looted_Battletank_"Looted Leman Russ"__(Patoroch_Model)

    So my last model i re-upload very hard to do, specially cause my hand have been failing me and ache from use of the scissors this model needs to be fixed had a lot of mistakes and some unnecessary additions, but still is a model which can be done. This model also had Edge Colouring (thanks to...
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    Sheet metal to paper methods...

    you should show different "Metal Sheets" in round or L shapes to see them how they can reinforce a model
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    Calibrating your printer, screen, and scanner

    is my idea or this post should have pictures?
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    Well this is my second model being Re-Uploaded. This model was hard to do specially the legs cause try to get them in the same position while you glue them together is a pain in the ... , well i wish this model could be more like the Deff Dread from Dawn of War 3. This model has a base to...
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    you know i use the magnets and metal nails from this stuff its pretty embarrassing to say this but where i come from (Chile) does not sell magnets like other countries do i have saw magnets really small from 1mm x 1mm in amazon but have to be shipped and well don't have much $ to spare in that...
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    Proteus II (modernized RT era Landraider) by Patoroch

    you should do a guide explaining the 90 degree extruded angles and see comparison with and without them im really interested in them
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    Hello guys i'm going to repost my models since they were deleted when my account was deleted (this was caused by the website change). This was my first model and very happy with it, i even made a base made of wood to imitate the ones from games workshop. Hope you like it Additional Info Paper...
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    Proteus II (modernized RT era Landraider) by Patoroch

    what tool did you use to create the holes in the exhaust?
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    Re-Introduccion after account was deleted

    So again guy hello im Zergei619 and i do paper crafting for a hobby specifically Papercraft of Warhammer 40K i re introducing again cause the renew of Zealot erased my account and support didnt give me a response so i did the account again so thanks anyway Putting pictures of my works