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    Disney Monorail

    Thanks for uploading it. It's great when members do this, and highly appreciated. :)
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    Starfleet Travelpod Minimodel by Rawen

    Such a small mode., but nothing is lost, it looks just like what it is. Great job!! :)
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    To be somewhat Enterprising....

    This saucer sections looks superb!! :)
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    Dewey - Silent Running drone model by uhu

    Very bery nice!! :)
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    James Bond's Aston Martin DB5

    Pain them with RUbber pain, like "Flex-Seal" and they will come to life. Works great on steering wheels, and the gear shift lever knob too. ;)
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    New to card models

    Sometimes it's good to uninstall all the drivers for the printer and reinstall them. Run CCleaner in between to remove anything left over. That can fix a lot of problems. Get the updated drivers from the manufacturer, don't reinstall the file you have. Windows is a it touchy like that. ;)
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    Dinoreplicas doodles

    Just a quick question, you're pulling the cube into shapes with "Control Points'? I saw the video, but a lot is left out. I am in awe of your work, and that you 3D print is Nylon is excellent. I just finished a Ryzen 9 5800 series, water cooled, MSI MoBo, with around 5 Terabytes of storage...
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    Disney Themed Models

    That Monorail was really hard to find. I'm peeved it has disappeared. I don't know if I have a back up. I have so many hard drives, it would take me hours to go through them. Not many people downloaded it, though the few who did were very grateful. :)
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    Sacral architecture

    We have war memorials in our town of 26K people. It was really small, but this memorial has become disturbingly large with names, as these young kids gave their lives in service to our country(?) for wars that we seem to have abandoned unresolved. They heeded the call, and are honored and...
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    Sudsy's Benchtop - BMP inspired Chimera replacement

    Have you considered making real word tanks. You would put out some real beauties, I'm sure. ;)
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    homeword papercraft

    Very nice!! Me gusta!! :)
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    Dewey - Silent Running drone model by uhu

    You're getting your first accolades here! :)
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    Magic Photo Cube

    A great gift model! :)
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    James Bond's Aston Martin DB5

    You really showed the potential this model has. If someone took the time, reinforced the seams, then sanded them smooth, repainedted them, you would end up with a great looking body. The same with the interior, the steering wheel could easily be made into something more realistic, all the...
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    Romulans Bird Of Prey (Rawen)

    Great looking model!! ;)