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    Fiat 508 "Balilla"

    Mark, this model by Tonino can be downloaded from Zealot. 2 Versions on this page, one lined, if you wish to paint, and the one you see posted Link=
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    It was originally produced/designed by Antonov, then Tupolev took over the production during the post Soviet shakeup I followed these closely back in the late '70's. There are many versions of this craft, some are huge! You are right though, it is Tupolev now, so I will change the names...
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    WIP - Admiral Nakhimov - scale 1:200 from Dom Bumagi

    Excellent craftsmanship!! I like the gentle tumblehome on the center topsides of the hull, not over done, like the ugly French ships of that period. ;)
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    1960 Plymouth Valiant build thread.

    My sister had a '68 slant 8 Valiant (something in that line-up), it looked like a '68, 4 door Sport Fury. She decided that it was running hot, and proceeded to add a gallon of coolant. She drove to my house saying it was making weird noises and running really really hot. She poured the...
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    I didn't notice that. It would be fun to repaint one with U.S. Postal Service lettering and symbols. ;)
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    Seeing one of these things on the move gives a better idea of what it is. The only place it can't go is on a tarred road. ;)
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    USS Magnificent - a new model by David Lukens

    Hah!! Learn something new every day!! Thanks!!!! :)
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    USS Magnificent - a new model by David Lukens

    David Lukens does make excelent models. He is a great contributor to the Sci-Fi genre of this hobby. I wish he would join here just to communicate with him. ;)
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    Flying Sub Update

    Who wouldn't want a Flying Sub!! :)
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    This model was a free give away from the company. That's why I posted it (had to remove a virus first). I did not build it, but it is a super model. The vehicle is even more amazing.
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    My first model UHU02 Tie

    Excellently executed!!:)
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    My old "500"

    I have 4 of those exact jacks, also two Mercedes Benz versions. A great way to lift a car fully in the air. My M.G. Midget is 50/50 balanced on the jack points. I had the car in the air for 6 months, just to see if anything would bend, fortunately nothing did. Didn't have the same luck on my...
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    USS Magnificent - a new model by David Lukens

    Excelent model, the fuel to power such a ship does not exist and is science fiction. Gravity would have to simulated, a rotating ring would be the only way to go, which also gives "rigidity in space". A good thing, especially sitting at various Lagrangian points . I personally believe that...
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    1960 Plymouth Valiant build thread.

    Your models, to me, seem like art cubism. It is the caar in basic primitives. Many cars start like this, then they are built up with clay. You definitely have a unique style, and I like it. ;)
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    A few SAR loco drawings

    Very impressive artwork. :)