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    Water tower in On30

    Any one remember an article on building a watert tower from a soup can? I cant seem tofind it anywhere. :confused:Thanks Warren
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    AMS On30 Yellow Plymouth Diesal

    Any one got this little critter and if they do how well does it run? Where is the cheapest place online to get it? Thanks
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    my on30 Scratchbuilding105' truss bridge

    Looks awesome! Are you planning on putting that on a layout? I hope so will definately be a highlight!
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    Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum and say Hi. Warren Judge here I have been a modeler for 25 years + and have been scratchbuilding for about 20. I started out in 1/35th and 1/32nd military miniatures also dioramas and have added narrow gauge On30 and HOn3 to my list of modeling.I look...
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    MDC kits wanted in HOn3

    Hello looking for any of the Round house MDC kits HOn3 2-8-0 Outside frame kits and the shay HOn3 please contact me if you have anything HOn3 for sale Thnaks Warren
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    MDC 2-8-0 HOn3 kit

    I apologize for making the mistake to everyone It won't happen again.Thanks Warren
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    MDC 2-8-0 HOn3 kit

    Hello I am looking for the Roundhouse MDC HOn3 2-8-0 OUTSIDE frame kit. If anyone has one to sell built , unbuilt, parially built, in pieces missing pieces or knows where to get one please conatc me at @@@@@ or call my cell ######### thanks for all your help Warren Against forum...