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    Pre-Weathered Lettering

    I love the idea. Purposely mismatching the color for the renumbering patch is the easy part, and lends just as much verisimilitude as the blotchy "UNION PACIFIC".
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    I'd Like to get started in G Scale

    Those (particularly the Armstrong set) are biased toward operation-oriented layout design, which is not usually the way garden railroads are built.
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    Pennsylvania Railroad Locomotive Antennas

    The system was taken out of service in the 60s. I haven't seen many photos of the antennas on PC units, but I know they existed. I've even seen one shot of a GP7 or 9 from the early 80s, in Conrail patches but still with the trainphone. Don't know if the engine was still running at that time...
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    4ft x 6ft HOn3 Layout

    In HOn3 with 18" radius, you'd be best off looking at HO standard gauge plans. Not surprising, since Rio Grande 2-8-2s were as large as small standard gauge power.
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    Sighting: Pie in the sky!!!

    Didn't know they'd made another 4-4-0!
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    Locomotive aesthetics

    By "weaknesses", I meant that I liked all of those!
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    Kato-like Switcher Kato themselves made the NW2 in HO, including in Burlington black, but that was back in 1994. BLI makes the SW7/late NW2 in HO; the SW7 came in Burlington black.
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    Locomotive aesthetics

    That's exactly it... they have some nice features, but the proportions ruin it. My weaknesses in the field of steam are Elescos, Vanderbilts, all-weather cabs, skyline casings and Scullins. As for diesels (this should get some responses from a different set)... Again, too many preferences to...
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    Locomotive aesthetics

    You asked for pictures, you got 'em! Paraguayan uglies: Uruguayan: The Russian 2-10-0 I was referring to, the L class: SP AC-9...
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    Locomotive aesthetics

    You'll find that most highly experimental engines from anywhere draw bad reactions. It's interesting just how different we are. I count J3s, S1s, L4s and A2s all among the most attractive. This I can agree on. The worst offenders on this aren't American; the loading gauge in steam days wasn't...
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    Locomotive aesthetics

    Call me shallow, but aesthetics is a big part of the appeal of railroads and modelling. I've studied my own reactions to locomotives particularly - almost have it down to a science. Unfortunately, that means that I can't summarize them. It would take a small book. Maybe I'll post some of that...
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    Steam switchers worldwide

    In North America, steam switchers were typically 0-6-0 and 0-8-0 (and 0-4-0 in earlier times) tender engines. In Britain and Europe, the same wheel arrangements, but tank engines. In most of the rest of the world...? The only other country I can think of to have 0-x-0 tender engines...
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    N scale minimum radius question

    Most 6-axle diesels will run on 11"; I'm pretty sure all the Katos will. Apart from looks, of course, the issue is keeping rolling stock coupled. On these curves, you may need long-shank couplers on the engines.
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    N scale layout on a 2' x 2' board

    Note that this plan has 15" curves in HO. If you make it half the size, you'll have 7.5" curves, as shown already. Note that 101 Track Plans says you can fit an N layout in half the dimensions of HO. You can't. N is 55% of HO.