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    Papermau is back!

    Wonderful to find you. We missed you. My antivirus does not detect anything suspicious and it does not let anything pass
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    Ninjatoe's Cylon Raider (TNS)

    Thank you and congratulations for this superb montage. I think like subnuke. In view of the photos, I hope I can do it too (it's not won)
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    Falcon Millenium ver.Lando - paper model

    it's incredible, congratulations
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    Star Wars B-Wing(Blade-Wing)

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    Ninjatoe's Cylon Raider (TNS)

    Super detail, it is really more beautiful than the first version. Please can you post the details improvements when the model is finished. I can't wait to build this model. But for now, I have tackled the "Alien Derelict" hoping to be able to finish it. Many thanks to Revell-Fan for the...
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    Star Wars B-Wing(Blade-Wing)

    It is a very beautiful model, too bad it is not available, I would have liked to build it too
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    Happy new year

    Hi, happy new year on all
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    I wish you all a Merry Christmas
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    Ok sorry I'll know for next time. The info was mostly for free templates
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    Hello to all papercrafts lovers, I just found the website of a creator of papercrafts " W.R. Papercrafts" that consits some dragons and dinosaurs in addition to other models free or paying but are well worth it considering the level of finish here is his address :
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    SpaceBattleship Yamato 2199 ~ 2202

    the cradle is really very detailed, I am impressed
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    SpaceBattleship Yamato 2199 ~ 2202

    I am speechless, very detailed It gives me desires to do it
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    Hi from Toutenkarton

    Salut Zathros, Thank you for your support I could not answer you earlier password problem. The model comes from "Canon Creative Park"