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    Church of st. Theresa of Lisieux, Slovakia

    Hi Revell-Fan, it's a real Building ! I was there myself. Try this link...
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    Alien Derelic 2.0

    Congratulations !!! Very well done.
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    Hi there papercrafters, here in Greece things are serious too. Although we have "only" about 330 cases, almost every place where people can gather is closed following governments orders. They closed Schools and Homes for the elderly first. Next where all bars, pubs, coffee-shops, restaurants...
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    Launch when ready!

    hi Revell-Fan, beautiful work. I love that tiny joystick. This is very inspiring. Please continue thumbsup:):)
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    SpaceBattleship Yamato 2199 ~ 2202

    hi goodduck, what a huge effort on your side to this model. Congratulations for your patience. I can't wait to see this one getting build. continue the great work please.
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    Star Wars Tie Fighter Building Thread

    Nice Shelf Display Starbuck, what a beautiful collection. very nice work. I have all these models on my to-do list too, except the Tie-Fighter. I hope i will get to make them someday..
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    space 1999 eagle mst by keith withers and marc robitaille

    Very nice Tubing you got there, nice job. I will watch this one with great interest.
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    Happy new year

    Happy new Year to everyone.
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    H.G. Wells "The Time Machine" Large Paper Model - Animated

    Hi mtrappett, this is a very nice and clean build of UHU's Model. Thank you so much for re-uploading this one, i was hoping you do so. I had no chance to download your pictures before the tapa...... Desaster. I will save them now. This one is on my List and i had the same idea to build it with...
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    Have a Merry Christmas!

    A very Merry Christmas from Greece. Stay SAFE !!
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    I am going in for surgery.

    Good luck from me too. Mine are out as well, same explanation as blake7's for the reasons why. Me and my sister had them removed at about the same age together at the same day. Nothing complicated. So be well soon.
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    Happy Birthday, Rhaven Blaack! :-)

    A Happy Birthday from me too Rhaven Blaack. Be well and productive ;)
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    Discovering UHU02's 2001 Discovery One

    :Congrats::Bravo: to the MOM status, you deserve it. Very well done Jacopo1969 and as Z already wrote, an excellent building tread with a lot of information to the build. Thank you so much for all your little details you shared with us, this will definitely help others (me !:cool:) when building...
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    Liebherr R-954 Excavator by nosports and Retunga

    Really great work Boris, i love those details, it makes the model look even more realistic.
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    And for my next creation....

    As everybody before me already said. Really fantastic job, especially the lighting. :Bravo::Bravo::Bravo::Bravo: