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    And for my next creation....

    As everybody before me already said. Really fantastic job, especially the lighting. :Bravo::Bravo::Bravo::Bravo:
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    LV-426-Derelict, Alien by Vger1981

    Fantastic !!!! Congratulations to this magnificent build. Very well done.
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    Tokyo Tower by uhu02

    Oh Boy, i agree with Revell-Fan, this is a very challenging build. So many triangles to cut out. I wish you all the patience you need for that task. Good luck.
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    LV-426-Derelict, Alien by Vger1981

    Awesome !!!! thumbsupthumbsupthumbsupthumbsupthumbsupthumbsupthumbsup
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    SpaceBattleship Yamato 2199 ~ 2202

    Totally agree with that. Wow !!!
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    hi spaceagent-9, how about these ? good luck
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    LV-426-Derelict, Alien by Vger1981

    :Bravo: Beautiful, .... Just Beautiful keep the pics coming please thegreek270
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    Maintenance robots 'Dewey', 'Huey'and 'Louie' designed by UHU02

    Hi Rhaven Blaack, beautiful work with the drone thumbsup. I love the raised components. It makes the model look more realistic. I'll try to do the same when I'm finally get to build mine. I'm still cutting out the parts and there are still other unfinished projects. Great that you provided...
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    LV-426-Derelict, Alien by Vger1981

    Looking very nice and no seams visible !. Great work Skoda. Keep it up. I have this one on my list too among many other Sci-Fi Models. Don't know when i will build it, well, later ...... much later...... thegreek270
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    And for my next creation....

    Very nice Work Cybergrinder, keep it up ;)
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    Imcold X-Wing - discussion/building thread (

    Hi starbuck, nice start you have there with this model. Like Cybergrinder i too have this one on my "to do list" (which unfortunately grows larger day by day ...). I'll be watching this one. As for your question. I use both depending on the part, whichever comes more handy. Short straight...
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from me too. All the best for you and your family. This of course goes for everyone else and their families and friends too. Be safe and happy. greetings from Greece
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    CleverPaperModel closing down in January 2019

    Good to here, good luck with the rest. I had that problem too. Since i did not touch that particular drive after the incident i was lucky and i could retrieve almost everything. It just takes a lot of time so be very patient. and merry Christmas by the way. greetings from Greece
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    Congratulations Revell-Fan, very nice and clean build. I love the solution for the movement of the arms. I too have this little guy on my TO DO-List. I will keep your solution in mind when I'm building mine. Thank you so much for sharing this idea. thegreek270
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    Aston Martin DBR-9 2005 Le Mans

    Congratulations Wilhelm As Rhaven Blaack wrote already, it is not an easy one and you created this beauty. The Title is well deserved. thegreek270