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    Harapla Haroloader non-scale papermodel

    you're welcome Rhaven Blaack, hope the mood carry on :) woow Quinjet for bigger scale, that would be interesting.can not promise you, but I keep in my mind thumbsup
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    Harapla Haroloader non-scale papermodel

    thanks, just found my right time to continues some delayed project, especially in this time.Hope I can make more :cool: Thanks zathros, glad to came back and joint again Thanks thumbsup
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    Harapla Haroloader non-scale papermodel

    Just saw at plastic model site, ban*ai plan to release on April 2020. Haro is the mechanical mascot of the Gundam franchise, and is one of the few characters that appear in more than one timeline.But this one quite papercraftable .Try to develop as simple as it can build, hope you guys love it...
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    looking good.Thank you for your work
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    M915 "Gun Truck" 1:35

    thanks for all the comments, info and the memories guys cheer up
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    M915 "Gun Truck" 1:35

    hello guys, this time I wanna take you far away to the middle east, Iraq. M915A1 Gun Truck as used in OIF.I take many references from plastic model, and some got nice weathering, especially with desert camo.ok I just jump from 3view retrace and adjustment for the 3d.Here some pics from test...
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    Extllabor 1:35 (patlabor anime)

    hello guys, just stopping , this time came from the patlabor 2 the movie, it's the EXTLLABOR 1:35, I gave same extra effect (rust and dirt) by brush and water.You can download for free, here hope you guys like it... regards,
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    Free model, Yokosuka k5Y1 "churen"

    nice looking model and clean too..congratz
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    "Donar" 155-mm Self-Propelled Howitzer 1:35

    First model in this year, meet "Donar" developed by Kraus-Maffei Wegmann and General Dynamics. source. having trouble with the 3 view, so I just take the MLRS 3 view as references for 3d modeling, then jump into texturing and can grab the pattern for free, here thank you
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    Model Of The Month: Convair B-74 Sprinter

    wow nice looking model friend, keep on rockin'
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    XAB-1 Beta-1 Atomic-Powered Bomber 1:144

    thank you friend, :thumb:
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    XAB-1 Beta-1 Atomic-Powered Bomber 1:144

    Hi modelers, feels good to back again..ok just stopping by this time is the XAB-1 Beta-1 Atomic-Powered Bomber (1959) 1:144 , one of the progressive design concept around cold war.Never had the real 3view, just from certain image n plastic model review from this...
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    Yokosuka K5Y1 "Churen" 1:48

    well thanks friend..have fun
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    Yokosuka K5Y1 "Churen" 1:48

    Hello guys, it's been a while since my last post here, well just fresh from the oven, this time its the Yokosuka K5Y1 "Churen" 1:48.Classic aircraft but played some important role in my country air force history.Here some pics, you can download here regards regards
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    Tekzos Black Eagle en detail

    sweeet..thanks for making this have good skill:thumb: