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    new modules

    Been a while since I was last here, been a bit busy. Got a ton of work done on my new module set, here's some pic's.
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    My On3 layout

    First, I don't actively participate in this forum any longer....personal reasons. I do, occasionally, get email notification of posts, but Bill's post this morning is the first I been notified of in a long time. Timbercreekrr, Sorry I missed your post. The Bachmann Mogul provided the boiler...
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    MDC HOn3 2-8-0

    Typically, the right hand ( engineer's ) side of the loco are the electrical pickup, so the insulated wheels go to the left ( Fireman's ) side. That said, as long as the loco wheels, and tender wheels are opposite, it really doesn't matter.
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    Remember Mel Thornburgh ?

    " 75 years of MR on a CD or DVD for a measly $200. " That's 900 issues, at $0.23 / issue, so, while $200.00 may seem like a lot, it's really quite reasonable.
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    O to On30 Diesel Conversion?

    S scale rolling stock is close enough to "get away with" using it for On30, and perhaps even the loco bodies.....except for the cab. It is O scale, and O scale people "live" in the buildings, and operate the locos, "from inside the cab". Even the prototype narrow gauge equipment makes allowances...
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    River and lake railroad ferries in H0?

    that ferry looks very similar to the ferries that operate to and from Shelter Island, N.Y. . Those, however, are smaller and do not handle rail traffic. With the single track, that would be a good choice for your car ferry.
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    The Little River Rail Road in Doc Tom's Back Yard

    "the locomotive will be converted to a radio controlled rechargeable battery powered engine which is becoming quite popular with Large scale modelers." That will certainly eliminate any problems with "dirty track", and makes perfect sense for an outdoor railroad. Hmmmmmm Little...
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    Bill and Tom's EXCELLENT ADVENTURE in Logging and Mining

    This is a modified, and re-rigged IHC Barnhart loader, on modified IHC log flats.
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    **** Editing my posts ****

    I was going to edit my last post, just to check the feature, and I can't find the "edit". For whatever reason, the "edit button" seems to be gone for the moment, and I'll assume it's gone so it can be fixed.
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    **** Editing my posts ****

    Frank, Before Zealot became part of Crowdgather, there were a couple of times where things "fell through the cracks". I think there may still be some "land mines" in the forum software, that are the result of its creator not asking "what if" enough times. Peter found some of them. . . . . the...
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    Logging East Tennessee on the C&S RR

    Bill, When Model Power bought Mantua, they said they were going to make some improvements, sounds like they tried. Doc Tom, Thanks! It was a fun conversion, runs well, and yes it does look good!:mrgreen: On the older 2-6-6-2s, electrical pickup was, if I remember correctly, right side...
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    Logging East Tennessee on the C&S RR

    What I found with the Mantua 2-6-6-2, was: It needed a can motor. It needed universal drive couplings, vice the flex tube. It got metal wheels in the pilot, and trailing trucks (for increased electrical pickup......mine was a tank type loco) Mine finally got a tender added, but haven't...
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    Bill and Tom's EXCELLENT ADVENTURE in Logging and Mining

    I like the crane! Is it an old True Scale, or the Walthers re-pop? Looks like you chopped the frame and put it on a 6 wheel truck, so it could operate on that flat car.
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    Bill and Tom's EXCELLENT ADVENTURE in Logging and Mining

    Looks like you're off to a good start! Nice work!
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    Logging East Tennessee on the C&S RR

    sign1 I've always found that steam is the best cure for any "desiesel".