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    Abrams inspired 40K MBT (Patoroch)

    Looking good, as always. I'm hoping to try my hand at one of these soon, they look like a lot of fun.
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    WIP - Admiral Nakhimov - scale 1:200 from Dom Bumagi

    This is looking really good. Thanks for posting this build.
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    Delta Flyer 1/150

    I opened it with 7zip in Win10.
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    Paragon Cardmodels

    I have a download folder for zealot. If any are missing from years past, I may have them.
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    New guy in town

    Nice to have you here and hope you enjoy the forum.
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    Bandai GBN-Base Gundam HG kit in 1/144th

    Jeepers, guitar picks for lids! You have quite an investment in paint there.
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    Army Men Around the House

    Welcome aboard and like your work.
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    Who wants to meet for the Launch?

    Wow, this brings back memories. I use to live on Merritt Island and saw Apollo 12, 13, and 14. Fun times for a kid. Even got to tour the VAB back when people weren't allowed to do that. Good memories.
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    Space 1999 "Stun Gun" from Foam

    Nicely done.
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    After reading that article, I see they try to spread the blame for what happened to people other than the clown who caused the problem. This fiasco belongs at the door of the former Navy Secretary. Apparently, he thought he ran the Navy then, as typical with the self-absorbed, threw a tantrum...
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    Ju87B 1/32

    Looking forward to this one.
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    SPINLER F1 Models

    I installed it last night on android and ios. Was up til 1am on that thing. Still feeling my way through it but the gameplay is indeed excellent, better than I expected. Thanks for the tip as this might come in handy on some days I might have coming up where I am sitting around doing nothing...
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    SPINLER F1 Models

    I'm going to have to check that game out. I have avoided mobile racing games until I know which ones are not a money grab and I am very leery of EA. Thanks for the recommendation. My favorite racing game is the PC game GT Legends.
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    James from Texas

    Welcome aboard, James. Good to have you here.
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    SCORPION SHIPYARDS beta test build of the Colonial Viper MK-I

    Excellent base. Can't detail it too much or it will draw eyes away from the model.