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    New Skin!! New Look!!

    Now it's night-time it's, well, lovely and readable! I do a lot of surfing at night so it's not that much of a problem. Also, now my festivals are over and my t-shirt production has finished (for now) I should be getting stuck into some actual modelling.
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    New Skin!! New Look!!

    I have to say the skin looks swish. As a preference, I like light text on a dark background. It's the way I designed my first website (in the mid 90s) and is a preference of mine when coding (light grey on dark grey). However, currently the only place I can put my computer is with a huge set...
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    does 3-d paper relate to 3-d printer?

    I don't have one but a (internet) friend does and he uses it to "print" toys and halloween costumes, which he designs in Blender. The 3D skills (and programs) to create papercraft and 3D prints are basically the same, though you might design some parts differently for papercraft than printing -...
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    Mass Effect: EDI

    By the same guy who just did the Male Shep.
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    Free Star Wars models

    I've seen that site. XWA is a fanstastic game, easily the best "Star Wars in Space" game ever made (it's basically the end result of the X-Wing vs Tie Fighter series). I'm in contact with a different SW modeller on a different site, he's working on a high rez mesh and has said me might give me...
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    Do you know how hard it is to........

    Just double-checking... you're not Jaime Lannister are you? :wave:
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    CR90-Corellian Corvette "Tantive IV"

    Is it this one? From posts and I haven't seen that Slave I before either, wonder how many of those models are "unknown" to the English...
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    new guy from south africa

    Welcome. Yeah, there are some excellent modellers and designers from SA on the forums... you'll have your work cut-out (:rofl:) to compete with them. Just kidding, it's not competitive here at all - very friendly and helpful.
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    Ray Harryhausen, SFX model titan, 1920-2013 He needs no introduction or recap from me, I hope. But let's watch a couple of moments: pF_Fi7x93PY AeN4ODQHZjE And remind ourselves our own papercraft titan UHU02 already tributed Ray with a papercraft version of the...
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    Building Kratos (God of War), by Beinan

    And to think, Dame Helen Mirren is a sprightly 67 years old. You should ask her out!!
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    Mass Effect: Male Commander Shepard

    Looks quite new, one to the ever-larger Mass Effect rosta. Helmet option. Scaled to XenonRay's range of ME models. Mass Effect Male Commander Shepard by sanek94
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    UHU02 X Wing

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    Look at the size of that thing!

    Well, at least it's not edible.
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    UHU02 X Wing

    Double check. Clicking page 10 doesn't bring you to a 404 page, it brings you back to the main build page.
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    UHU02 X Wing

    As of today (Friday 26 April) the instructions page 10 are still not there, both main post and archive. The instruction page 17 http issue is fixed main post but is still in the archive.