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    European Railroad

    What happened to the T-Trak and On30 ideas?
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    This is why I quit.

    Yes, I have been so informed. Sorry about that.
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    This is why I quit.

    If you quit, then why were you trying to post? People who make a point of saying they are leaving don't actually do it--the ones who do, just disappear. EDIT: In fact, the post just above this one is yours, too. But you said you'd quit. Which is it?
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    T-Trak Empire

    You're all over the map here. You had that other thread dealing with your interest in scratchbuilding in On30. What happened to that?
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    Newbee Questions

    I don't think you get a worthwhile track plan by limiting the number of track switches you use. If you're going to use overhead, then learn to do it right, don't compromise your track plan to make the job easier.
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    Aquaparks in H0?

    Okay, I understand that an "aquapark" is a "water park," but what's a "rondabout"? A traffic-control device?
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    Free-lanced Railroad Idea

    You should subscribe to Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette. Lots of coverage of prototypes and models of the kind of railroads you'd like to model.
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    Going to start over...

    You must be doing something wrong. I've been at this for decades myself and have never had problems with track switches causing derailments, in N scale, HO scale, or On30.
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    Micro-Layout Idea

    What's the problem? It's all been done before. Not sure what you're thinking here.
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    If you drop a knife, don't try to catch it. Don't solder while wearing short pants.
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    Not many prototype standard-gauge railroads went in a circle, yet lots of model railroads do! There is no reason On30 must be a point-to-point design; mine sure isn't.
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    Any On30 folks here

    I'm building an On30 layout. About 10 by 10 feet, open in the center. Handlaying track.
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    How to strip paint from an Athearn wide vision caboose?

    Yes--CSC is my second choice if, by some chance, the alcohol doesn't do the job. I highly recommend it as well.
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    How to strip paint from an Athearn wide vision caboose?

    Safest product is 91% isopropyl alochol. It isn't caustic, doesn't have much in the way of fumes, and I have soaked cars in it for literally weeks (when I forgot them) with no ill effects. Paint generally comes off in sheets with a toothbrush after an hour or so soaking. Very cheap, in...