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    Mice?! Arthur Dent hitches a ride...

    YES!!! Arthur has teleported in... The tartin dressing gown, the slippers, the (cool) digital watch, the tea cup with Benji mouse in it, I LOVE IT!!! Oh and the fiver bill for cleaning the windows, the eviction notice and the blueprint with the answer to the Ultimate Question on it are way...
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    The UHU02 Colonial Viper appreciation thread

    @Rhaven Blaack I thought I saw one somewhere but couldn't rember where, don't know why I didn't rember the Thunder Fighter, that one is by far my favorite alternate scheme. Sorry to hear about your mother, just lost my father in October, the holidays aren't as bright as before. But it is nice to...
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    The UHU02 Colonial Viper appreciation thread

    More cool pics, details-details-detail...they make a BIG difference. Thanks for continue to amaze and share things with us. This thread and the Jays lonely thread are two of my fav's, oh yea can't forget the Thunder Fighter thread too. Keeps me coming back to see what's been happening...
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    Battlestar Atlantia Wall Plaque (by Klaus Schaeftner)

    I think Rhaven sums it up the best. I especially like the shots with the Raider in them, puts it in perspective. Can see one mounted on the wall in tribute to the fallen. Thanks for sharing your build, it was quite fun. Thank also to Klaus for allowing his cool design to be modelled in paper...
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    Battlestar Atlantia Wall Plaque (by Klaus Schaeftner)

    Thank you! Than you! Thank you! That video was way cool, one of my favorite episodes, and those new cgi scenes were fantastic. Man i wish Universal would redo all the episodes like that, or are they? Paramount did it with ST:TOS & TNG and they turned out great too. Thanks again for sharing it...
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    Star Trek Runabout

    Looks like your off to a fine start. Looking forward to more. So how does that magnetic paper workout, cause I've never heard of it, magnetic ink sure, but not paper. Thanks for sharing your project with us. Best regards, Rick
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    Battlestar Atlantia Wall Plaque (by Klaus Schaeftner)

    They say it's the details that make things pop. Now I don't know who "They" are but I do know that I like this. It is so cool, I'm really glad that Klaus let you use his design and that you're sharing it with us. I'll stay tuned to flleetcom for your next transmission. Thanks for sharing...
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    Experimental Ringship U.S.S. Vulcan NX-2063

    What a cool idea, and I agree with the others, this screams to be made into a kit. Thanks for sharing it with us. Regards, Rick
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    The Uhu02 appreciation thread

    Thank-you UHU02 for another wonderfully detailed model, the amount of details you put into the ATST are breathtaking. You never cease to amaze me with the amount of detail you put in all your projects. I would like to figure out how you can accuratly fold such small parts. You make it look...
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    Detailed Thunder Fighter Project

    This is turning out to be one of your best builds yet. Keep those pics coming. Thanks.
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    just a quick shot

    Thanks Man!!! :woot: Gonna add this one to the top of my ever growing build pile. :vulcan: Regards, Rick
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    just a quick shot

    Looks like you got a good collection there Jim. I especially like those Tholian ships in there. Regards, Rick
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    The Uhu02 appreciation thread

    The Orion III is completed, another masterpiece. The detailed cockpit and cabin are fantastic. Thank you Uhu for another work of art, that everyone will be proud to build and add to their collection. Best regards, Rick
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    U.S.S. Columbia - NCC-621

    Looks great. Love the simplicity of the design & wished they would get some air time. But alas only briefly mentioned. Thanks for sharing.
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    Resource TOS Enterprise Bridge Model 1:25 scale

    Hi Ron, Thanks for the model, what a fun build. :vulcan: Here's a progress pic. All I have left is the chairs and to finish the outer wrap. :) While adding the deck edge support I discovered that edge support part #40 is missing. Thought I miss placed it but when I went to reprint it I found...