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    Galeon San Salvador Hybrid

    I think that's HMS Surprise, formerly HMS Rose, used in the Master and Commander film and now owned by the Maritime Museum San Diego.
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    UHU02 Space Station!

    This is looking amazing - I can't wait for release. There's a model of the Orion here but you'd need to make it very tiny for scale.
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    D77-TC Pelican dropship (from Halo:CE)

    Looking good. Are you planning to have the engines positionable?
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    Star Wars NEW Republic Gunship- Bob's Build

    Alternatively you could get a large piece of fairly thin paper (80gsm) and cut it into a shape comprised of a rectangle adjoined to a right-angled triangle along the entirety of one of its long edges, of dimensions to be determined experimentally, and then roll it up very tightly to form a...
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    D77-TC Pelican dropship (from Halo:CE)

    Nice work. I remember when I built that a while ago I had real problems getting the segment with the cockpit on it to align with the segment with the troop bay in it, but that's probably just a reflection of how terrible I am at building paper models. Now all you have to do is make sure it...
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    C-21 Dragon Assault Ship from AVATAR.

    If you're interested in building one, tekzo released his AT-99 Scorpion gunship shortly after the film was released. It can be found here: I'm also planning to start work on the SA-2 Samson shortly after I...
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    C-21 Dragon Assault Ship from AVATAR.

    OK, I've got my computer back. I haven't made much progress but I've hit something of a snag which only occurred to me when I was making the cockpit seat for an Albatros D.Va (WWI plane) at 1:32 scale today, and was confirmed for me when I added a scale reference box to my project: I guess...
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    Peter von Danzig

    Not only does it still exist, it's actually still in commission, to my knowledge, making it the oldest commissioned ship in the world. This build is looking really good. I wish there were more paper models of pre-C19th ships out there! Does anyone know if the HMS Beagle has been done in paper?
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    C-21 Dragon Assault Ship from AVATAR.

    I really have no idea what you guys are talking about. It looks like completion of the mesh is going to be delayed until at least after the weekend. My girlfriend has commandeered my laptop to write an essay on obscure Old English poetry and I now have quite a lot of work to get done somehow...
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    C-21 Dragon Assault Ship from AVATAR.

    Haha..! I'm very confused.
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    Usr ux-1

    I don't know anything about the anime this is from but this model looks fantastic! What program do you use?
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    C-21 Dragon Assault Ship from AVATAR.

    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement, Zathros! It means a great deal coming from such an esteemed member of the forums! Thanks for your continuing interest in my work.
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    C-21 Dragon Assault Ship from AVATAR.

    OK, one final mesh update. There's a few more bits and pieces to do on the mesh, but it's almost all tweaks and internals so not very photogenic. The next update will be about texturing, probably the front engines. In this update: The (very nearly completed) bow of the Dragon, including weapons...
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    White glue as varnish?

    I was going to say that it might look particularly good if you just did it on the rubber. You'd want to make the coat as even as possible.
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    Airbrush help.

    I've never actually airbrushed, but a tutorial I read said that specially designed airbrush compressors are designed to keep the cyclic pressure fluctuations to a minimum, because normal compressors were not consistent enough - so that may be a consideration.