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    Star Trek TOS Enterprise Bridge - Upscaled Ron Caudillo Design

    Very nice to see the bridge enlarged and layered up for detail. Perfect way to display action figures as well!
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    AV-98 Ingram - Patlabor Gundam

    Wonderful work, your detailing is indeed very nicely and cleanly done!
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    PRmodels looking for beta builders

    Thank you for the link....guess I'll finally have to break down and create a FB account. :)
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    Star Trek TWOK Regula 1 space station by Mikos (& Revell-Fan ;) )

    Thank you for your efforts, the enhanced textures are really great!
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    3D view of Apollo CM

    That's really cool, thanks for sharing!
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    Uhu02 has completed a new model

    For everyone's information, I peeked in at Uhu02's website yesterday and it seems he has completed and released his cutaway model of the Gotengo (from the movie Atragon, among others). It is a beautiful model. Anyone interested should rush on over and grab a copy. This is unauthorized posting...
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    I love how the face comes together, the seams don't interrupt the flow. Very nice!
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    Starship Troopers Power Armor

    Thanks, Rocketman - This will look great surrounded by a bunch of the bugs someone designed earlier!
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    Twiki from Buck Rogers - Lego-style!

    Wonderful models! And happy Theo is perfect for the Lego universe :)
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    Mini Millennium Falcon

    Great build and thanks for the adjustable weight tip, I now have a use for those old medicine bottles I've been tossing out :)
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    star blazers-phoenix

    Thanks for that link, lots of interesting things there.
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    HALO Automatic

    Fantastic! I love these builds that show the potential of even a simple model in the hands of an experienced builder.
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    Invasion of the Saucer Men

    Love the old bug eyed monster mobiles!
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    Repainting Tiricks' figurines

    Wonderful work! I always loved the original series uniforms, especially the viper helmets and warrior's jacket.
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    2.5d RPG Miniatures

    My pleasure guys, hope you enjoy them.