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    Launch when ready!

    I LIKE it!!
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    Update on my wife Deb

    I also add all my best wishes and prayers to you and your wife. I had to live through this as well, twice and understand what you two are going through!
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    Boeing 757-200, Hekla Aurora worklog

    He has a Youtube channel as well as Facebook... Several are featured on Canon Creative
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    Hello! From the Frigid Northern Wilds

    Let me also welcome you to Zealot! If you ever have any questions Just Ask! Someone will always be happy to help!
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    SR-71 Blackbird - request for help

    Just about! Of course not all the ones I want for myself!
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    SR-71 Blackbird - request for help

    Well, I will put it this way...I have one modeled up using references and it is almost exactly the same as yours...Front windscreen and landing gear are just a bit off from the plan ( didn't have it when modeled)... So I would say you are about as close as you can get without actual Blue-prints...
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    SR-71 Blackbird - request for help

    Have you looked at the SR-71a Flight Manual? It gives the flow diagram of the Pratt and Whittney Engines... Nice Video HERE
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    Star Wars B-Wing(Blade-Wing)

    My Vote is YES!
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    Intro fiber_bender

    Well, I am glad you made it and Welcome you to Zealot... If you could..tell us a bit about yourself...What areas of interest, what you would like to build or what you have built, with pix!
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    Star Wars A-wing / Shunichi Makino + heavy mods/ 1:48

    That cockpit turned out Fantastic!!!
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    hello, bd5760 here

    Howdy and Welcome to Zealot! Like I always say, " If you got questions, just ask"! Someone will always be able to help!!
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    Liberty Prime from Fallout

    That is a GREAT Print!!
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    Happy Birthday, Ron Caudillo!

    Happy Birthday!! Surprise!!!