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    (TOS) Colonial Viper (MK-I)

    Nice work RB, as always! thumbsup
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    2OO1 ASO Station V

    I contacted the printers about the problem of the under scale parts. He remembers printing them, because the parts for the UCR are printed on both sides of the template sheet, so that the cut out parts are red on both sides. He remembered struggling a bit to get them to line up properly. He...
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    Temporary Leave of Absence.

    Welcome back and Congrats, Micah!
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    The Innards of a Beast - The Razor Crest from "The Mandalorian"

    He he he........ Waiting until 1-4-21 are you? :cool:
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    1/12 Apollo Command Module

    Very well summed up RF. I could not have written that better myself.... ;) thumbsup:biggrin: If I had the space............ And the time .......... To create ....... AS I REALLY WANT TOO!! I'd need a barn, at least .....
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    FORD T type Van Truck 1:18

    That's a cute model! Nice work!
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    Razor Crest from Mandalorian / Roland Tari

    Superb final model and execution. Well done!
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    (TOS) Colonial Viper (MK-I)

    Wow! That went fast. I blink and you've almost finished it .... :laughrolling:
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    1/12 Apollo Command Module

    I dont know what else to say ....... :surprise::surprise::surprise:
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    (TOS) Colonial Viper (MK-I)

    Looking great! You are giving me lots of ideas for when I build mine.... ;) ;)
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    FORD T type Van Truck 1:18

    I go through life like that..... I wear glasses..... :biggrin: NIce crisp and clean work... thumbsup Following this thread....
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    2001 ASO USSC Discovery One

    Attack of the Clamps !!!!! Final construction before sanding and finishing.... The pillowcase is to remind me, to mind my head.... ! Almost done.... :wave:
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    Royal Guard / Imperial Guard Tie Interceptor

    Nice work! They look great! Two more for your collection!
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    Razor Crest from Mandalorian / Roland Tari

    Gentlemen.... Start your ENGINES!!!!!!! Brilliant build of the engines......... thumbsup