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    Brilliant, some real thought went into that!
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    Is “Buck Rogers” Finally Back?

    It should be good, as long as they develop new material & not just "copy, tweak & paste" like we have seen in so many reboots. I'm not mentioning any names Mr. JJ Abrams.... ;)
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    Hellboy figure

    I'm going to be watching this!
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    Tally Ho Chaps!

    Next step of the fuselage, delayed as I had to get more superglue...
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    U-Don's U-Boot typ VII C

    D'oh. thumbsup
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    Discovering UHU02's 2001 Discovery One

    She's looking good!
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    U-Don's U-Boot typ VII C

    Do we have it in the resource section?
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    Tally Ho Chaps!

    Thanks everyone, Now the cockpit (mostly) completed, and the gunsight attached (which does need aligning a bit....)
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    2001: A Space Odyssey EVA pod finished!

    The pod looks amazing! The cost of plastic is what got me into paper :) I'm currently building a P-38 Lightning with my 6 year old son. Let's just say that we're not sticking to the correct paint plan...
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    Tally Ho Chaps!

    And here we go, cockpit coming together :) pedal mechanism & seat base Rear bulkhead And then the seat And the control panel with the pedals And flight yoke attached
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    @Revell-Fan Don't worry, I haven't forgotten you helping me with the DS9 USS Defiant :)
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    I have always struggled to extract/convert the model from games or other programs. My thinking is if the more adept 3D designers amongst us who maybe don't want to go to the lengths of designing a printable paper model could save a version that can be opened in Peprakuria or similar programmes...
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    Tally Ho Chaps!

    So I've been plugging away at all the cockpit bits, the chalk worked quite well for edging! And here they are Assembly to follow soon :)
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    Millenium Falcon (version of the movie "Solo") building thread

    Lovely build! I still haven't got around to watching Solo...