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    Thoughts on N scale Bachmann Steam Engines

    Personally, I won't run another Bachmann steamer on my tracks unless it's a Spectrum. I've had too many bad experiences with their "standard" steamers. They are just not up to par. I had a really nice Spectrum 2-6-2 that I let go way too cheap awhile back. It ran like a striped ape but for...
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    christmas plans foiled!

    You really need to go in and have a long talk with those losers.
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    New ACTRR Video on YouTube

    I like that loco. Now I have more train G.A.S. Better actually finish the layout I have started before I get any more stuff though. ;)
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    christmas plans foiled!

    Not cool. What kind of shop does that? Sounds like they have a real weed problem in the flower patch.
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    Extreme Trains On Right Now!

    My wife is originally from PA. I'd like to use that as an excuse to go there but most of her family lives down in Virginia now.
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    Extreme Trains On Right Now!

    I really liked the one with the Acela. I would love to ride in the engine of that bad boy just once. The episode that featured Horseshoe curve wasn't too bad. I was less impressed with the train as I was with the Curve it's self.
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    We Have Moved FHS

    Sorry to bump an old thread but, I strongly encourage everyone to check out Fifer Hobby if you haven't. I got several items from them for my new layout a few months back and the service was excellent. (The prices were pretty darned good too!)
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    Metal Wheels

    I've always wanted to get one of those just never had a need before. Looks like I've got an excuse to buy another tool now! :D
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    N scale track with built in plastic roadbed?????

    OK... I see what you're getting at now. Still seems like a lot of bother to me. I'd just put down the plastic roadbed and be done with it. Of course, If I had any real modeling talent, I'd be using flex track. :D
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    N scale track with built in plastic roadbed?????

    But if you go gluing down ballast on top of it and wedging it down into the foam, you're going to have the same mess when you go to pull it apart.
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    N scale track with built in plastic roadbed?????

    And you're talking about tearing that up when you get bored and want to build a new layout? If you're gonna go through all of that, you might as well use regular track and ballast.
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    The makin's of one nasty accident

    Hey! I resemble that remark! :curse: :D
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    N scale track with built in plastic roadbed?????

    I don't think that N scale has that much variety. I've seen 18", 21" and that's about it. Of course, I've never really looked very hard for it either.
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    A Money Making Idea That Keeps Popping Into My Head

    I think I may wait awhile to see if we even HAVE a market in a few weeks..... :cry:
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    N scale track with built in plastic roadbed?????

    Bachmann & Model Power are both fairly common. I don't like the molded roadbed myself. It looks cheap and fake. If I had to use it, I don't think one is really better than the other and they connect to each other. There are a couple of other brands out there as well but those two are the...