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    Hi everyone! I started on something a few weeks ago. When Chris mentioned about copyright issues, I had to start my own sci-fi idea. From an old lego idea I came up with 3 years ago, I decided to base Zypher from my Faron stuff. Originally, the name was Faron, but, my brother said that Faron was from Nintendo. If anyone played Twilight Princess, you'll notice the FARON WOODS. So then emerged Zypher and the rest is history.

    At the moment, here's my Zapher design list, some will be for commercial use, others will be freebies. I'll balance it out, and yes, even some of the detailed models ar free :thumb:

    Space ships
    -R-class Cruiser ---------(Modeling done, Unfolding Process)
    -Destination Capital Ship
    -Zypher Fighter---------(Ready for Beta Building)
    -ZYpher Transport (Carrier)
    -Missle Cruiser (Hull Breaker)
    -FAZ Gunship
    -ZO Station

    -Zypher FAT (Fast Attack Tank)
    -Zypher APC
    -Zypher Heavy Attack Tank
    -Zypher LG (Land Gunship)
    -ZGAV (Zypher Gazelle Attack Vehicle)
    -Zypher MAAG (Mobile Anti Aircraft Gun)
    -Zypher MAIG (Mobile Anti Infantry Gun)
    -More to come later. I'll update this list as I go, but as of now, you can see the progress on some of these objects. If there is nothing by their name, in terms or progress, then I haven't started on them yet. However, you may see something like Beta Ready, or Currently Unfolding.

    To all the Beta Builders willing: If you see (Beta Build Ready) Feel free to PM me if you'd like to beta it. Currently, I have 1 beta ready. Original thread is here

    -------Not that that's over...


    I just completed the R-Class Cruiser and Zypher Fighter, but here's a shot of the finished R-Class. Actually, I'm still adding stuff to it before I unfold it, but it's pretty much complete. Anyways, more updates later tonight.
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    Kewl - cant wait for more :)
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    Thanks Chris ;)

    More updates! Just finished this Diorama, mainly for trying to put down some textures.

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    May 20, 2008
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    I like that fractal surface. very spacey, lol
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    K, the Zaepher Fighter is uploaded to the store, but I'm re-editing it, thanks to PaperRonin.
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    Jul 16, 2008
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    Just making sure your names keeps the "Quality Seal' ;)
    I'll build and show of the redesigned version for all to drool at :)
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    Yay, I'm back with some updates!

    Yeah, I've got my mind set, I'll be using three primary scales, 1:64, 1:18, and 1:32. I may go into 1:200 and other things like that, but for now...
    So, yeah, the Fighter in 1:32 is almost complete, and the Fighter in 1:64 is still under work on textures. I may have the 1:18 as an exclusive or something :p Or a freebie :p
    Still working out the kinks, 1:64 will probably be for the wargamming part. However, in the first few months, I plan to set the part about gaming aside until I have rules, a storyline , and enemies.
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    Thanks, I think I'l be changing the main plasma cannons on the bottom of the ship. I want it to go along with the Missle Tubes along the Engines, I'll probably have it in a Hexagonal shape.
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    Jun 18, 2008
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    nice design!