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Discussion in 'Slot Racing & Clubs' started by cgutzmer, Aug 19, 2008.

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    OK folks - I admit it. Our current logo is none too hot....

    We need to come up with something new. No rules per se except that it cant be much larger than the one we have. It must also try to incorporate multiple hobbies as we are now commingled with other hobbies. Card models, model trains, remote control and slot cars are the current hobbies here. I would like those to be shown somehow if at all possible. I am putting this into the common area since I would like input from all areas of Zealot. This is not just for designers. I would like non designers to participate as well with ideas. I will likely setup an album of all submitted logos for voting at the end.

    I propose a deadline of October 1st for entries.

    Here is a link to the contest thread.... It will look just like this one but in a common area :)


    p.s. this thread is closed - post only in the contest thread ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.