'Z' Structures use WARGAMER's Models

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    I have noted the astonishing expense of 'Z'
    scale structures. I am also aware that smaller
    structures may require more work than larger
    to do well.
    Regardless, most of that burden is on the
    final creator, in all of this matter- NOT the
    parts seller.
    Photoetched brass is a case in point, it is
    used commonly to reduce labor and maximize
    (delicate) details without using more expensive
    production methods. It is becoming widespread
    as a way to make 1:250 structures. You fold and
    either solder or glue the building together.

    You make your fret, and because it is 1/10 th
    size of an etched fret for some other purpose
    does not mean it should cost ten times as much
    as the larger one. In fact it should be cheaper.
    There is not much demand, for 'Z' structures
    (and besides 'Z' scaler's are used to paying
    high prices for there stuff!- right), they say.
    That is balogna! Photo etching, outside of
    mass produced circuits, is all a small batch

    However, I think that I am not going to
    change anything that way, unless some of
    the brotherhood gets together and goes and
    gets there own chemically photetched frets
    What they can do is use the 1:285 scale
    massive structure pool available. I don't
    know but a few 'Z' scalers that I encountered at
    that big Florida train store that is the western
    hemisphere's biggest Marklin dealer, and they
    were unaware of the plethora of structures
    These are dental stone, or resin molded
    buildings, and artifacts that have reasonable
    detail. There are also some ceramic and etched
    What is different is that they are cheap,
    and some massive industrial structures can
    be had for fifty bucks or less. If you wish to
    turn "The Red October Tractor Factory"(Stalingrad)
    or "Oil Refinery" (Gulf War) into works of
    high fidelity get out your loupes, patience, and
    supplies of fine wire. As they stand, with a decent
    paint jobs, and some minor detailing and
    vehicles they are like nothing available as
    model train kits in WALTHERS. If you think
    1:285 and 1:250 makes a difference in
    industrial structures, apartment houses, barges,
    ships, et al. - you are right, but NOT one that
    you will be able to detect without getting your
    nose down with a hand lense to compare the
    figures and vehicles available in the respective
    I believe that folks should know about this
    material. If you are, I apologize... but, if
    not - go study the war gamer/military modeller
    stuff in 1:285 (or for that matter the 10 mm and
    15mm scale goods for use in larger scales).
    I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the
    variety and prices of the structures.
    Good Luck,
    Peter Boylan
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    Good tip, pbj! Thanks! :thumb:
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    Thanks that is a good tip, and right on time too. I just completed my 3rd 'Z' structure.

    Please suggest some good sources.
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    A source

    There are lots of dealers, but here's one
    that I have handy and bought stuff from w/o
    < http://www.jrminiatures.net/ >

    Keep in mind that
    looking around in the maritime modelling world
    will lead to some support structures associated
    with ships and canals that are in relatively small
    scales, albeit that 'Z' is not one of there common
    Good-Luck, PJB