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    As you may have noticed from a previous posting I have been using a Prodigy Advance DCC system over the last few days.
    I must say that I am not all that impressed with it! I am making comparisons with Lenz systems I have used and also briefly a ZTC system.
    We have only been using the Prodigy to control locos ( No points/accessories etc) the locos being fitted with a mixture of Lenz, TCS & Digitrax decoders.
    I feel that the degree of control that the Prodigy gives is not as good as other systems by that I refer mainly to fine control and the ability to be able to stop a loco exactly where required for example over a Kadee Uncoupling magnet.

    If any one has any comments or advice this would really be appreciated so that we can make a decision as to what to do with the Prodigy.

    Steve please help this guy out if you can as hes one of the good guys in life many thanks on behalf of steve:thumb: :D
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    Mike & Steve,

    I have not used the prodigy system, but am wondering if the decoder settings are preventing the control you want. If there is any momentum set on the decoder (or built into the system for that matter), it will be very hard to stop precisely where you want - i.e. over the uncouplers. If you can, I would recommend clearing any acceleration or momentum settings on the decoder and/or control system.

    Another problem *might* be how clean the track is, and what the rolling qualities of the cars are. If you had no problems with the other control system on the same railroad, then this is not likely. Semi-automated uncoulping (with magnets) requires very smooth operation!

    Good luck - hope that helps.