You know you are old when..

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    on Decoration Day you visit more friends and family laid to rest than you do all the rest of the year yet vertical.

    We had a nice day today how ever.

    My son and his girl friend came by for about 5 hours and we ate and joked and so forth.

    He is going to Spain Monday for most of the summer.

    Two years ago he was in Central America. He works for the Federal Government and they are paying for his masters degree.

    Later Bubbette and I went to the Wallmart and she got a call about her sister being sent to the ER from the nursing home. I think she must have shingles. I will go up there if she doesn't come home pretty soon.

    It was a good day and the dog had the time of her life with Bubba Jr & and his socker ball and all the extra brawt and cheese burgers.

    But it was a long day and I am ready for bed, we all are.