Yokomo Drift Package front suspension setup problem...

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by Beskone, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. Beskone

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    so i know the drift cars sit really low - but using the set screws in the back you can raise that up -

    here's the problem:

    my front isn't very adjustible tho - and i keep thinking i did something wrong.

    even with the set screws in the front all the way up - the front A-Arms don't go all the way down -

    any ideas? when i run on the yoke tires the ride height is fine, but as soon as i slap on my ABS tires (since they are shorter overall than the drift tires) my ride height is suuuuper low like less than 1/8" in front - and i can adjust the back up to compensate, but i can't get the front any higher, and the bottom of the car takes a beating and it hangs on the bottom every once in a while...

    - Brian
  2. RC-Drift.com

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    You'll have to wrench on your shocks dude.

    Take out the INTERNAL spacers from under the piston head (if there are any)


    Unscrew the bottom eye a turn or two (this will lengthen the shocks)
  3. Beskone

    Beskone Guest

    naaa, i figured it out - i was drunk when i built the front suspension i think


    i had the shocks mounted in the wrong top and lower holes... went over to the hobby shop and took a look at my buddies, and sure enough - wrong holes - now it's much better, althought i need to adjust one shock a few turns, as it's still a tiny bit lopsided

    gotta move my body mounts down about 3 holes now - looks like a rally car in the front now ;)

    - Brian
  4. Beskone

    Beskone Guest

    funny thing, with the front slammed the way it was, it drifted better...

    now that i fixed it, and running on the yoke tires it's much harder to throw the car into a drift, and it's much harder to keep it in a drift without the car hooking up striaght.

    on abs tires it's not as pronounced, but still harder to keep a drift going, like there is some understeer happening.

    guess i'll have to play with the setup some more until i get it the way i like it.

    - Brian