Yokomo Drift Chassis

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by rcdrifter, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. rcdrifter

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    What does everyone think of the new Yokomo drift cars, are they really setup for drifting or are they just a big push to get their tires sold :)
  2. AE86 Drifter

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    The Yokomo car is really nice looking. It is a race car essentially just with plastic tires. To me the main downfall is the fact that Yokomo did not include full ball bearings. I think it lacks at least 8= ball bearings and instead uses bushings. I have purchased the tires which work well with a mild modified motor setup such as on my TL-01 of TA-03. I have also purchased the body. I have the 180sx body. I am not necessarily pleased with the quality but it does look great once trimmed and mounted.
  3. As you said before, the Yoke drifters are really just a way to sell the tyres. I asked my trusty friend ant the local hobby shop and he said that there was nuthin special bout the car. It looks pretty, but the main thing to it is that it comes with the drift wheels. He also said that having the word Drift printed on the box boosts the price a shitload.

    I also have bought the Yoke drift wheels and i must say they rock. Sure, the rings wear out pretty fast but when compared to PVC etc the have so much more speed and control. I love em.
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    I've heard nothing but good things about the drift tires (aside from how quickly they wear out... :? ). Supposedly they grip when you need, and drift when asked.

    I want some soooo badly, but none of my LHS's stock them. Grrr. :evil:
  5. Rocket-Russ

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    Ive heard there really good too but would like to test one for myself to make my own mind up.
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    just ask the hs to order them thats what i do
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    I had one but i ended up selling it .

    It was a very nice chassis , they look mint with the chrome wheels and all BUT""" The chrome on the wheels ( or my wheels ) started to chip/flake off after a while , the drift rings wear out VERY quickly when used on surfaces like rougher roads . :roll:
    It actually drifted well i ran it with a yoke pro stock 2 motor.
    You can get drifting very easily , but im not sure i really liked it that much , put it this way , if i where to buy another 1/10 to drift with instead of my 1:18 i wouldn't buy one of those :wink:

    My LHS owner actually makes drift wheels and sells them wich is pretty cool , they have their own drift team with some footage on the site too .

    Take a look http://www.speedimodels.co.nz
    Its in New Zealand by the way , i cant find any pictures of the tires up there but if i get a chance i'll email him to get some pics .

    BTW : He does NOT use a yoke drifter , he says they are great for begginers geting sideways , but he says he would rather use a tamiya setup or similar . :wink: