Yokomo CGM/SSG great for drifting!

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    This is the same chassis as the Yokomo Drift car, but has a ton of options and hop ups. You get all the parts to make it through the Stage I,II,and III upgrades like aluminum shocks and the SSG chassis. It also makes a geat stock/19 turn touring car racer.

    OK I will include a list of items etc that this car has. I am selling a Yokomo CGM with an additional SSG chassis set-up. If you Drift or Race Stock/19 turn this bundle is made for ya. I raced the CGM for 1 day on a asphalt track. Looking at the car it shows no signs of wear except for normal asphalt scratches on the bottom. There is tons of parts I will include pics. Please understand the price is complete, with shipping and Insurance. Please feel free to email or PM me with any questions. Not looking for trades at this time.

    Price: $345


    Yokomo CGM/SSG [Car retails new at Ultimate Hobbies for 254 (CGM) 269 SSG]

    Chassis 1 (CGM) includes: (Raced on outdoor asphalt 1 day has no wear on drive train but shows normal scratches from asphalt.

    All Stock CGM parts with these additional pieces

    • Rayspeed sway bar set
    • Yokomo sway bar set
    • Team Suzuki Aluminum front knuckles
    • Front one-way
    • CNC Aluminum Motor Mount
    • Ceramic Bearings
    • 90% Ti Screws

    Chassis 2 (SSG) includes: (Raced on Carpet only has rubbing on chassis no scratches)

    • SSG Chassis, Top Plate, Shock Towers
    • Front Diff Housing with one-way
    • Rear Diff housing with Diff
    • Alum Shaft
    • Steering Posts

    Spare Parts Include:

    • Extra Front Arms with additional set of Team Suzuki Alum steering blocks (Knuckles) Retails at$ 49.50 a pair and you get 2 pair in this lot.
    • Front Spool
    • Front Inline Steering Block (NIP)
    • Body Mount Set (2x) (NIP)
    • SSG rear shock Tower (NIP)
    • One way Maintenance Kit (NIP)
    • 3/32 Carbide Diff Balls (NIP)
    • 1/16 Carbide Thrust Balls (NIP)
    • Diff Outdrives (2x) (NIP)
    • Front Hub Carrier (NIP)
    • Rear Hub Carrier [.5 degree] (NIP)
    • Rear Hub Carrier [1 degree] (NIP)Front Steering block/rear hub
    • Servo Saver Posts (NIP)
    • Diff Drive Rings (NIP)
    • 1 full hinge pin set
    • 4 shock shafts
    • Misc ti turnbuckles
    • Additional CVD Bones Alum and Steel
    • Many front and rear graphite hubs
    • Shims, Washer etc
    • Associated Spring Set
    • Extra foam bumper
    • 2 diff cases
    • Original CGM motor Mount
    • 1 Protoform Pontiac G6 body with 3 runs, no paint damage or cracking
    • 1 Dodge Stratus Body brand new just mounted
    • 1 additional CGM Chassis
    • Plus More…

    Click the link below for PICS!
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    I can also include a custom painted 350z body for the drifters out there. I will have pics up later, the body alone is worth $40-$50 dollars..... This car needs to find a home....
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    New Price $275!!!
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    Dibs everybody... Please post pics of the 350z body anemic.
    I can do that price if it includes shipping.
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    It has been sold... Sorry