yess massters homeworld card models

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  1. hi everyone i found this site and its cool ive done a couple then my ink ran out. but on the site he says you can contact him for future models for concideration. ive sent two messages in not sure they were received. does anyone know this site and had any contact with the designer i have a few models i wanna relay to him. thank you..
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    Hi there fyterjetfan100!
    I'm intrigued with which models you'd consider!
    Yessmasster is a busy guy in 'RL', and is currently mostly occupied with Gundam models, as far as his time permits.
    You could try one of the two submitted mail forms, or directly use the given mail adress viewable when moving your cursor over the 'submit' button with your standard e-mail program?
    You may have found other sites too, that have HW paper model files (and others) posted, maybe one of the models is in there?

    If not, I'de love to help you out, but I must warn you: I'm pretty busy myself too. There are loads of models I still have to finish, but my old PC died on me almost a year ago. And my laptop can't quite handle it, hence not much progress so far... *sigh*

    On the other hand: have you tried creating/unfolding the models yourself? It's a great thing to do, once you get the hang of it! There are a few very good tutorials available, that's how I learned it!

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    GreatDane :mrgreen: