xray vs micro rs4

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by bigdangerous, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. bigdangerous

    bigdangerous Guest

    which is better for drifting? i know the rs4 has the aftermarket edge...but i heard the xray is sweet.
  2. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    If your just plaing on drifting, id get whats cheapest. But if you plan to race too, X Ray. I use the MRS4 and its fine... kinda a problem of the belt, but its not that bad... it survives.
  3. r2drift2

    r2drift2 Guest

    go for the x-ray. its way better racer and drifter than the micro rs4. believe me, i had a micrors4 and when i got the x-ray, i just gave the mrs4 to my neighbor. i just finished my yokomo drift project, now im gonna start my m18 project, im gonna put all the expensive electronics on that one. its worth it!
  4. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    Just the thing is, unless your going to race, the X-Ray isnt worth it. Its a lot more re-building and mantance. I have the MRS4 and my buddy has the X-Ray. I was racing in the time it took him to get his car ready! They are more durable, and have less chassis flex stock. The stock M18 can almost flex to a 90 degree angle! However i can barly flex my MRS4 at all. and the REALLY stiff rear shock (lol) is great for drifting. And you can better position the electronics to your likeing. Also, the shaft may be more responsive, but if you lock the rear diff, and run a one way, it works better then the shaft.

    Its mainly opinon over all, however most people have more sucsess with the MRS4 (mainly due to the Part support) then the X-Ray. However i do see the X-ray taking over for good till HPI Gets smart and make the MPro.