Xerox copier/enlarger question

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    May 17, 2007
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    Is someone here familiar with Copier/enlarger machines?

    I was just wondering if it's possible to enlarge a model using a Xerox Copier/Enlarger machine to the prefered size that you want.

    My experience with the local Photocopy Center here is that if I want something enlarged, I just say "Enlarge it to A3 paper" from the original Letter Size paper.

    However, Is it possible for them to enlarge it by percentage? Like "I want it enlarged 200%."

    Do Xerox Copier/enlarging machines have this feature? The percentage thing?

    I want my JCS 1/400 ship to be enlarged to 1/ I need the originals to be enlarged 200% yes? :rolleyes:

    Scanning, resizing, and then printing the originals won't do. It'll cost me a fortune to ask a computer shop just to scan, resize and then print the darn pages. I was hoping for the Xerox machine to do it in one go.
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    Oct 3, 2007
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    Should be a standard feature, I'd hope! It was available on the last two xerox copier/printers I used (an older one and a brand new one)
    Might have to dig around menus a bit though. They were both laser printers though, might be an issue...

    Will probably have to print multiple pages to cover everything on one original page, though. (unless you have access to custom-sized cardstock...and if you don't, god forbid you have an original where the part stretches the entire page!)
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    Well, I've been to the library to use their copy machines and they all had a percentage function so you could increase or decrease the size. It would seem that a photocopy center would have machines with that and maybe even more capabilities.:)