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    Does not seem that this spectacular collection of links has been shared before.

    http://www.geocities.com/nielspapermodels/links.htm#Missile paper models

    Free realspace paper models

    Missile paper models

    Archived spacekits


    Sites with more paper model links

    Papermodelling groups

    Spacemodelling sites and groups

    Collections and galleries

    History and methods

    Free software to print or to convert file-format:

    Free online translation:

    Free realspace paper models
    3DPMS-Yuki's workings - Mir

    8nana.com.tw - satelite model and groundstation

    Ares- Mars plane

    Bil Sat 1 - Turkish Satellite

    Canon Science models/ New

    Card in space - Little Joe I 1:48, Mercury Redstone 1:48

    cardmodels.de - free models of a HyperSoar Passagerjet and White Knigth

    Chthulhu's page Mars habitat model

    Chihuahua de PAPEL - GSLV - from India

    Classic paper spacemodels -
    (R-7 sputnik, R-7 Vostok, Proton launcher - 3 versions, Titan 1 and 3 with X-20 and the sovjet moonlander LK )

    cnes.fr (Corot telescope, Jason satellite, Stentor satellite)

    Currell net
    (Starship One, RTV and V2-rocket - large scale high quality kits)

    Cute project

    Dutch Space (Dawn Sonde, Cone satellite and earth globes (look at left))

    Delta 7 Studios
    (offers free models of Columbia and Mercury Redstone 8 )

    ESA Aeolus

    ESA Venus Express

    ESA science models (Gaia, Integral, Mars Express, SOHO)

    Exomars rover

    Genesis mission

    http://moon.jaxa.jp/ja/gallery/papercraft/ftb.html - Colorfull experimental japanese moonlander

    Isas.ac.jp (Satelite Muses-C, rocket M-V and other models)

    Kids.jaxa.jp/craft/list.html - lot's of links to japanese satellites New

    lansbergen.net (click on 'modelbouw' on the left. )
    (Mercury Redstone, Delta 3914-168, Delta 7920-10C #304, Jupiter IRBM, Juno 2, Jupiter AM-18, Soyuz TMA 4; Pegasus XL, Spitzer, Mars Rover Delta 7925-298-MER-A, Delta 7925H-299-MER-B, Ariane Vega, Delta 7920H-300, Delta 7925-281, B-1 Interkosmos, ISO , Trace, Delta II 6925-199, Explorer 1, Juno I, SOHO, Pioneer 4, Giotto, Titan III-C, Mercury Friendship 7 capsule, Diamant B(P), Alouette 1, Kosmos SL7)

    Lockheed gps satelitte (Look at page 21-23 in the pdf-file - have to be reworked before building)

    Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center Gift Shop
    (Ariane 5, Saturn V, VentureStar X-33 RLV, 1/100 scale Shuttle stack for spaceshuttles, 1/48 apollo capsule. LEM, Lockheed L1011 Stargazer Launch Vehicle, Pegasus Satellite Launcher, Mars rovers, opportunity and spirit, Gemini-Titan II, von Braun Ferry.)

    (Spacehuttle Endeavour and Atlantis, ISS-model, Soyuz launcher; Soyuz capsule, progress capsule, maxus rocket)

    Marquettes en Carton/Cardmodels - Ariane 4 1:180

    MMO-spacecraft for mercury

    NASAs.Great Observatories Kit Updated
    (Hubble Space Telescope, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, Compton Gamma Ray Observatory)

    Ness.external.lmco.com - Very simple model of the MK41 Vertical Launch System

    Ninfinger.org - Mercury

    NASDA Papercraft (ยต-LabSat, EOS Auqva, DRTS, Adeos-II) http://spaceinfo.jaxa.jp/gallery/paper_craft/

    New Horisonts by Vaugh Hoxie

    Paper Model World (Japanese H-II A launcher)

    Paper rockets Laszlo Vadasz - Juno I, Jupiter C, Soyus top for R-7, Launch table for Mercury-redstone and under "tips" a 1:96 version of Lars Folman's sputnik

    Shioya Astronomical Observatory Japanese Mu-rockets

    SSE Kids Paper Models (Cassini, CONTOUR, Deep Space Network 34-Meter Antenna, Galileo, Genesis, Lunar Prospector, Mars 2001 Odyssey, Mars Express, MESSENGER, NEAR, Pioneer 10, SOHO, Stardust)

    U-DONS Factory - (Chinese Long March rocket 1:96, LEM 1.48)

    Winds Japanese communication satellite

    Zili.de - Cosmos 3M / C-1 / SL-8 / 11K65M

    Thai Paper Work (offers free models of X-15 and X-43 HyperX)

    Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center Gift Shop ( X-33 )

    Mamecraft - (X-1 and X-29)

    Missile paper models
    Whether we like it or not - the military has played a major role in developing of rockets

    Coldwarriorcards/ - Scud, Patriot and Regulus missiles

    Currell net - V1 and V2

    Hades.udg.es/giro/pc/aim120.php - AIM120 AMRAAM

    dpileggispicks.com/ - the Regulus, Scud and Patriot can also bee downloaded from this site - a long with some nice SF models.

    dragaodepapel.com - offers a small V1 missile a long with a very nice unicorn.

    kancho.muncho.org - different air to air missiles

    interceptorshield.com/downloads/ (missile shield testvehicle - more about it here:)

    ness.external.lmco.com - Very simple model of the MK41 Vertical Launch System

    radelow.modellraketen - Rascal, Nike ajax

    Securaplane - offers a AQM-60 target drone with a dolly and a jeep

    Archived spacekits
    If a website has closed, it is sometimes but far from always possible to find a backup of the original site through the Wayback Machine. Here are links to paper models archived in the wayback machine - if you know some more links - send me an email.

    Australian Fed Sat
    http://web.archive.org/web/20011126040814/http://www.crcss.csiro.au/default.htm - look at the bottom at the right - "Build your own fedsat".

    IGF satellites - Japanese spysats New

    Precision Paper Space Models
    T. Johnsons original site is gone - but you can download the files through the wayback machine - two sheets are missing but can be replaced with similar sheets from the other kits.- the links are here:

    Mercury redstone: http://web.archive.org/web/20050208081928/www76.pair.com/tjohnson/mri.html

    Mercury Atlas http://web.archive.org/web/20050213130708/www76.pair.com/tjohnson/mat.html

    Gemini Titan: http://web.archive.org/web/20000831095129/www76.pair.com/tjohnson/gt2inst.html

    Saturn 1B: http://web.archive.org/web/20050208082212/www76.pair.com/tjohnson/sat1bm.html

    Atlas Agena http://web.archive.org/web/20050208081354/www76.pair.com/tjohnson/atagdti.html
    - atagdt6.pdf is missing but can be replaced with merat6.pdf from the Mercury atlas kit. Just ad another label)

    Atlas Centaur parts
    - AC-10 Page 1 of 6 (pdf)
    - AC-10 Page 2 of 6 (pdf)
    - AC-10 Page 3 of 6 (pdf)
    - AC-10 Page 4 of 6 (pdf) is missing but can be replaced with the exactly identical sheet Atlas Agena-D Page 4 of 6 (pdf)
    - AC-10 Page 5 of 6 (pdf)
    - AC-10 Page 6 of 6 (pdf)
    - html site with the instruction here: http://web.archive.org/web/20010215012108/www76.pair.com/tjohnson/ac10ins.html
    Sunsat - South african microsat New

    spacecraftkits.com/Keck.html (not a free model - but looks great)

    http://deepspace.jpl.nasa.gov/dsn/educ/model.html (NASA Deep Space Network)