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    Hello all. Jack Barry here. New to this board and a former n scale person that is considering the move to HO.

    Below is the windbag story, after the questions.

    I have 2 major questions.

    1. Quality of HO manufacturers.
    2. SurroundTraxx

    I will go to the appropriate forum for those with perhaps a nudge in the right direction.

    At the peak of my n scale empire, Erie, Erie Lackawanna, DL&W with any other roads included for the late steam - early diesel era.
    That I broadly designated as somewhere from 1910 – 1975, hey, It was my railroad :D
    Estimates follow;
    400 rolling stock, 50 DCC locos, 10 DCC sound locos, (not counting any duplicate road numbers for rolling stock and locos) enough Unitrack to fill 2 or 3 sea bags, NCE Power Cab and smart booster,

    (also controllable from computers and iPhones) 50 structures, on a 2 car garage layout. BlaBlaBla.
    Not bragging, just detailing the depth of my addiction :D
    Due to some unforeseen domestic issues, my deteriorating health, eyesight and shaky hands, I could no longer have as much fun as I used to , “Playing Trains”. I'm quite healthy for my age so not complaining.
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    Thanks and I apologize for any formatting issues.