WWII Aircraft Carriers [1:200 and 1:400]

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    I have been looking around for a Aircraft carrier from the WWII era.
    Specialy in the 1:200 scale. So I was thinking of doing a list of what have been made so far.

    Because the carriers in the 1:400 scale is so easy to do in 1:200 I included them in this list as well. So here we go.

    1:200 WWII Aircraft Carriers:
    Answer mkf IJN Junyo
    GPM 102 Graf Zeppelin
    GPM 159 Shokaku
    GPM 165 Zuikaku
    GPM 231 USS Lexington (cv-2)
    GPM 223 USS Saratoga (cv-3)
    Fly Model 81 USS Saratoga (cv-3)
    Halinski USS Gamber Bay

    Thats What I have found so far. IF anyone have anything more that has been released, feel free to add to the list.
    Here continue the list of my finds
    1:400 WWII Aircraft carriers:
    Ecardmodels HMS Colossus
    (Ecard also have the USS Tavara LHA 1 from 1972, no WWII carrier)
    JSC 4 Card
    JSC 9 Intrepid
    JSC 27 Victorious
    JSC 38 Graf Zeppelin
    JSC 76 Zuiho
    JSC 84 Shinano
    Modelarz 11-12 '90 Ark Royal
    Modelarz Arromanches R-95

    There you have it. Please let me know if I have missed any carriers!!!
    Now Waht ship should I build? :thumb:
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    [1:200-1:300-1:400 Aircraft carriers

    I kind of left out the 1:300 scale because there was not so many carriers. BUT I do have a few so I just put up another list here:

    1:300 WWII Aircraft Carriers
    GPM 23 Hiryu
    Halinski 93-05 Uss Enterprise Cv 6
    Halinski 93-04 Hms victorious
    Fly Model 063 IJN Akagi
    Maly Modelarz USS Essex
    And I was wrong about the scale on a few modelarz models that was in the 1:300 scale so I just post them here again:
    Maly Modelarz Ark Royal
    Maly Modelarz "Arromanches" (former HMS colossus)

    Any more Aircraft Carriers out there?
    I found this polish site where someone is making the USS WASP:
    hxxp://waspcv7.republika.pl/wasp1200.htm (just replase the xx with tt)
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    Hi trcmaje,

    This is really interesting take on the concept about WWII Aircraft carrier. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your site and this post. You make some very informative points. Keep up the great work!

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