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    Apr 5, 2008
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    hey all,

    i was wondering if anyone has used the woodland scenics latex rubber for mold building?

    i bought some a couple of years back meaning to cast up mold for a base i skulpted and recently when i went to use it, it was like a jelly & not so liquid. is this supposed to be like that?

    also i would greatly apreciate any tips, hints or trick with using this stuff...


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    Apr 17, 2008
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    Depends on what you mean by jelly.
    It might have gone off, set like thick jelly, or like old custard. Latex for mold making is similar to yogurt, and spreadable.
    Mold making Latex lasts about 1 year from manufacture if you keep it in a cool place, 6 months if you open it.

    I use paper/card to make molds and paint the inside with latex, you don't need to fully cure the latex, just let it dry. you just need to prevent the water in the casting material from getting to the paper in the time it takes to set. You can cure the latex at 150 degrees celcius for 30-60 minutes, but these types of moulds are one use only.