Wiring solid frog double crossovers

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    I was hesitant to change to handlaid double crossovers due to the wiring problems associated with having solid frogs. After running the Walthers ones for awhile I have noticed that they still short out when the wheels cross the frogs.

    I am planning on detecting the current on the approach tracks to determine if the train is traveling the path from the upper right to the lower left or from the lower right to the upper left.

    The following refers to the drawing below of a same direction &reverse direction double crossovers..

    For both types the orange & cyan (light blue) are connected to red or blue based on the turnout direction.

    I will have current sensors for the sections of track labeled 1 & 2. Using a coil type detector both of the wires to sections labeled 1 or two can go through the same coil. These will feed a set/reset flip-flop so it is set or reset based on the last section that used current. By using the "last current" method there is no need to sense current in the center section. The flip-flop will drive a relay to set the phase (polarity) of the green & yellow areas so they match the crossover direction being used.

    For the reverse track direction case the red & cyan are connected together when the crossover is in the straight direction so the current detection does not matter as red/cyan/yellow/green area all connected together for direction of the flip-flop. For the crossover with the tracks running in the same direction the yellow & green areas are not used in the straight through setting.

    I have purchased some coils, transistors & LM556 timers. I will publish the result of my circuit test when done.

    Simplified view of my layout:

    How to connect the six areas of the crossovers.