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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by jricha62, Nov 15, 2005.

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    Nov 15, 2005
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    i have been asked to fix a LIMA Great Western 47830 loco for a friends child, but know nothing about them! does anyone know how it should be wired? there seems to be one black wire coming from the pivot pin that allows the non powered bogie to move. this is loose inside the case. the powered bogie has what looks like two possible solder points, one near the motor spindle, one near the front wheel. should there be another wire as well? where should the wires run?

    the other problem with it is there seems to be a cog missing on the gear train to the front wheel of the bogie, although the rear wheel set gears appear in tact. will it work, or am i better off throwing it in the bin?! [​IMG]
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    May 15, 2002
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    Prolly worth fixing, would your friend by any chance have the parts list or any other info that came with the loco? I know zip about this model but it really should be repairable. :)

    From Hornby website: :thumb:
    Certain spares for British outline lima locomotives can be obtained from:
    M.B. Models
    32 Conery Gardens
    NG13 9FD
    Tel/Fax: 01949 850063
    (Please note, this is not a trade premises - enquiries should be made by telephone/fax or by post with a s.a.e.)

    Additionally, the following retailer is offering a servicing/repairs service for lima locomotives:
    MR & ME World of Models
    Unit 7
    Saxon Centre
    Bedford Road
    Tel: 01234 852780
    Fax: 01234 305101
    Email: enquiries@mrme.biz

    Best of Luck, hope this helps a little!
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    jricha62, welcome to the Gauge, what country are you located in? If you are in the U.K., the companies Cidchase suggested might be a good way to go. If in the USA , Canada, Australia, or somewhere else in the world, they may not be convenient.
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    I might have to open a loco for an answer. Most Limas are wired with one wire to the idler bogie and direct wiring to the powered bogie. You may be able to trace this by looking at the underside and finding pickups on the wheels.