Wiring bus and feeders question

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    I remember aomse stuff at wiringfordcc.com where it showed a small table for wire gauges for feeders and buses. I am in HO and using a 4x8 table with 2 mainlines and a few track pieces in the center.

    If someone cannot find this page can someone please tell me what fire gauage I should use... I assume the length doesnt matter, does it?

    its a 4x8 table as I said and im basically creating this layout... How long should each bus be? and what gauge...

    Abou the feeders, how long should the feeders be? (i assume a few inches) and what gauge?

    One question I forgot to ask, what gauge wire and whats the max length the wire should be for wiring up atlas under table switch machines? (i plan to wire up two turnouts switches to one switch box; if that matters)

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    On a layout that size, the bus length should not be a problem. On our NTrak and oNeTrak modular layouts, we have routinely set up modules totaling 100ft or more.
    We use an 8 Amp power supply. Our bus is 14 Ga. and our feeders are (depending on who built the module) anywhere from 24-20 Ga., connected to the bus once off each module or section which can be every 4-6 ft. We try to make the feeders as short as possible although we have a few as long as a foot in length.
    Atlas switch machines use 22 Ga. and it is available (in 3 color strips) in rolls from Atlas and I have seen switch machine wires installed as long as 5 ft.